Lucid Air Sedan Top Speed, Price, Features, Interior

Lucid Air

Price $77,000 The leading Lucid Air EV luxury sedan will now be available with three motors, according to the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid. The world’s most powerful, quick-charging premium electric vehicle. It’s unlike any car you’ve ever driven because to its amazing horsepower and unmatched range of up to 520 miles on a single charge. All are contained in a beautifully effective design, making it the most potent production sedan in the entire globe. 

  • The USA is currently selling the new Lucid Air EV.
  • Provides 1200+ Horsepower
  • The possible range of 520 miles
  • Modern And Tidy Style
  • Cutting Edge Interior Technology

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air is a technological marvel that is establishing itself in the EV market much like the first Tesla Model S did a few years ago. The low grille and a pair of ultra-slim LED headlamps give the front end a sleek and aggressive appearance and give it considerable presence. With only a few vents carved into the bumper to cool the car’s electrical systems, the overall design is quite simple. 

Prices for the new Lucid Air EV start at $77,000 and that went on sale on August 19, 2022. With a range of up to 520 miles, the new Lucid Air is now available in the USA. In June, it will be made available in Europe.

Lucid Air Specifications

Acceleration 0 – 60 m/h  < 2 sec
Top Speed 200 km/h
Electric Range  520 km
Total Power 1200+ hp
Battery Capacity 88 kwh
Charging Time 24 min
Seating Capacity 5
Body Type Sedan

Lucid Air Design

The Lucid Air is one of the world’s most aerodynamic vehicles, with a drag coefficient of 0.21. Even practical elements, such as sensors for self-driving cars, were flawlessly molded in.

Outside lights are another way Air creates a wow effect. The Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights are breathtaking and were entirely designed in-house. Furthermore, a sweeping speed form taillight at the rear creates the illusion of continuous light and depth.

Each Air has a flawless finish that is frequently accentuated by platinum gloss canopy roof trim. You can find your perfect EV by choosing from a variety of carefully selected exterior colors.

Lucid Air

Lucid Air EV Interior and Boot Space

Despite its mid-size body, the interior of the Air is surprisingly spacious, with dimensions similar to those of a full-size sedan. Its distinct powertrain components, which have been miniatured to allow for future expansion. 

It is also equipped with ultra-luxurious features such as optional massage seats, in addition to being spacious. Three adults can fit comfortably in the Lucid Air’s rear compartment, which has segment-leading legroom.

Lucid Air cleverly utilises storage with SUV-level spaciousness. Under the hood is a large frunk, and the decklid lifts to reveal a large bi-level trunk. We define gigantic as being nearly four times the size of other electric vehicles. 

Inside the cabin, there are additional storage areas such as large door pockets and a bonus space beneath the retractable Pilot Panel.

Lucid air interior

Lucid Air Technology and Infotainment

Lucid Air’s cutting-edge technology is modern and tailored to you. The Air has a sophisticated entertainment system that includes

  • The Pilot Panel allows for customization at your fingertips
  • the Glass Cockpit display presents information in a simple, straightforward UI. 
  • Air’s numerous innovations, such as wave-inspired speakers, tactile buttons, and ambient lighting that mimics natural rhythms, are seamlessly integrated. 
  • a lower touchscreen similar to a tablet that can be folded back into the dashboard and performs extra functions.
  • a large upper touchscreen that extends from the fully digital gauge cluster. 
  • the system’s voice-recognition software will respond to normal speech patterns. 
  • The interface’s assistant also saves the user’s favorite music and climate settings.
  • In addition to basic physical controls, the steering wheel has a series of toggles for temperature and fan speed, as well as a slider for changing the volume of the audio system.

Lucid Air EV Range and Performance 

Its large battery and small motors, both of which were designed in-house, allow it to provide exceptional range and performance. According to the EPA, the Grand Touring Performance model has a driving range of 516 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

The new Sapphire model is even faster, with a claimed time of less than 2.0 seconds to 60 mph. It has the fastest top speed of any EV, reaching 173 mph.

The Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance models have a range of up to 516 and 446 miles, respectively, while the Pure and Touring trims have a driving range of 406 miles. On our 75-mph interstate fuel-efficient route, the Grand Touring’s reported range was 410 miles.

Lucid Air Charging and Battery Capacity

The battery pack on the Air is 112.0 kWh and supports DC fast charging. The Lucid Air’s integrated Wunderbox battery charger is a true beast. 

Because of its 900V+ architecture, it is the fastest EV charging station currently in use, capable of recharging up to 300 miles in just 22 minutes. It is not only fast, but it is also compatible with almost all public charging stations.

The cutting-edge technology in Lucid Air EV is genuine. Every interaction, from the time you open the Lucid app to the fully immersive in-car experience, is intended to be immediate, natural, and customized to your preferences. What do you think of this upcoming EV tell us in the comment section below. 

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