Best Electric Bikes & Scooter in India 2022, Price List, Specifications

Ola S1

Here are a number of the Best Electric Bikes in India that may be bought in India today. While the electric four-wheel segment has yet to take off, the two-wheel market offers a wide range of options for buyers. A scooter or electric bike gives you the freedom to use the vehicle without looking for a gas station.  And that’s a big money-saving these days. You can consider brands like Ola, Ather, Bajaj, TVS, and Hero, which meet the needs of all motorcyclists in the electric vehicle market. So here are the Best Electric Bikes & Scooter in India you can buy in India.

Best Electric Bikes & Scooters in India

  1. Revolt RV400 
  2. TVS iQube Electric
  3. Bajaj Chetak 
  4.  Ather 450/ 450X 
  5. Ola S1 
  6. Pre EV Epluto 7G 
  7. Hero Photon 
Revolt RV400  Rs 1,29,400   3.2kWh  80-150 km  4.5 hours  80 kmph  
TVS iQube  Rs 1,23,000   4.5kWh  75 km   5 hours   80 kmph  
Bajaj Chetak  Rs 1,15,000  3kWh  85-95 km  5 hours  75 kmph 
Ather 450  Rs 1,13,715  2.7kWh  55-75 km  5 hours  80 kmph 
Ola S1/ S1 Pro  Rs 99,999  2.98-3.97kWh  121-181 km  6.5 hours  90 kmph 
Pure EV Epluto 7G  Rs 83,999  2.5kWh  90-120 km  4 hours  60 kmph 
Hero Photon HX  Rs 71,999  1.8kWh  80 km  5 hours  45 kmph 

Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400 

The Revolt RV400 looks like a normal sports motorcycle, but when you turn the ignition on and you find that it makes no noise. That’s because it’s an electric bike. 85km / h speed and a range of up to 150km per charge.

The bike has a removable 3.24 kW battery that charges in less than 5 hours indoors. To be on the safe side, it has disc brakes on both sides.

Buying a Revolt RV 400 will seem cheaper as you pay the company a fixed amount of more than 3,000 per month. The total cost far exceeds Rs 1.40,000 in the market. 

TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric 

TVS is a well-known brand in the two-wheeler market, and when it decided to move into the electric space, it caught everyone’s attention. The company launched the iQube scooter.

iQube Electric has a 4.4 kW electric motor that can generate a maximum torque of 140 Nm. The driver can switch between economy mode and power mode, which affects the available range of the scooter. 

The range of this best electric scooter is estimated at 75 km on a single charge. In addition, the TVS iQube Electric is equipped with 12-inch tubeless wheels, 220mm disc brakes at the front, and 130mm drum brakes at the rear. The iQube Electric is priced at Rs 1.15,000. 

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak 

Bajaj has given the Chetak whole a second life in its new electrical avatar. This electric scooter comes in 2 variants; Urbane and Premium that price Rs 1,00,000 and Rs 1,15,000 respectively.

As you’ll see within the image, the scooter gets a retro-style however options a digital instrument cluster at the side of LED lights. It has a 4 kW electric motor that generates around 16 Nm of torque.

The scooter can travel around 95 km on a single charge and has an IP67-certified 3kWh lithium-ion battery that takes five hours to charge from a normal socket. 78 km / h top speed, which should easily fit into the road traffic regulations of the country. 

Ather 450X

Ather 450X 

Ather from Asian country introduced the 450 electrical scooters that epitomized however the section is probably going to develop within the country.

The corporate has since then popped out with the upgraded Ather 450X model for buyers. This scooter options a 2.7kWh battery that guarantees a riding vary of up to 116 km, counting on external conditions.

The integral battery takes around five hours to completely charge which is pretty good for an associate degree heat unit bikes or scooters these days. And your range also depends on how fast you move.

The maximum speed reached by this best electric scooter is 80km/h. The other 450 and 450X get high marks for their looks.

The futuristic design adopted by the company has attracted many buyers, who are willing to overlook the total cost of owning the scooter. 

Ather 450 starts at Rs 1.27 lakh (ex Delhi Showroom). In addition, you will have to pay 2,000 rupees or more to take care of maintenance, parts, and repair costs.

Ola S1

Ola S1 

You would have probably heard of this one. The Ola electric scooters are available in two models, namely S1 and S1 Pro. Both are packed with features.

The regular Ola S1 has a range of 121 kilometers, while the Ola S1 Pro will have a range of 181 kilometers. The maximum speed of these scooters is 90 km/h or 115 km/h.

The S1 Pro gets from 0 to 40 in just 3 seconds, while the Vanilla S1 takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 40. In addition, electric scooters have proximity unlocking, a huge dashboard, voice control, multiple profiles, and more.

The Ola S1 price in India starts at Rs 99,999 (excluding government subsidies) while the Pro model comes with a day price of Rs 1,29,999. 

EV Epluto 7G

Pure EV Epluto 7G 

Pure EV Epluto 7G electric scooter. You can get it for Rs 83,999 (ex Delhi showroom) in the country. The scooter contains a 2.5 kWh battery that promises a range of up to 120 km at a speed of 60 km/h.

It has an LED headlight, a digital instrument cluster, and controls for changing driving modes. The scooter has drum brakes at the rear and a disc unit at the front.

The best thing about the Epluto 7G is that it is fully charged and ready to use in 4 hours. The battery unit is removable so you can charge it at home. 

Hero Photon

Hero Photon 

Hero electrical has a photon scooter that just about fits into this class attributable to its usage, range, and price.

This electric scooter prices you under Rs 75,000 however that invariably suggests that you get less power while not compromising on the range. The integral battery offers you a spread of 110km on one charge but with a high speed of 45kmph.

The unit takes over five hours to completely charge. The plastic body wrapped around the 1.4kWh motor carries the gauge boson badge on the corner. The scooter gets a circular light 

India is one of many countries that has committed to taking gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) off the road and replacing them with more efficient electric vehicles (EV) for ICE.

There are already many electric vehicles out there, and with gasoline prices soaring in India, many want to switch to electricity. So it can be difficult to choose a perfect Ev.

Hence given above is the listing of  Best Electric Bikes in India, with their price list, and other specifications

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