Peugeot E Street Zone Range, Specs, Price, Launch

E streetzone

The latest EV from Peugeot has been presented. It will make its premiere at the upcoming 2022 Paris Motor Show under the e-Streetzone Peugeot E Street Zone. This scooter’s price hasn’t been released yet, but we anticipate it to be reasonable. The claimed riding range of this new e-scooter is 100 kilometres on a single charge. To address range concerns, this vehicle also has a function where the battery can be removed. 

  • Debut at the Paris Motor Show in 2022 
  • Acquires a 100 kilometre range 
  • Available in three riding modes 

Peugeot E Street Zone

The Peugeot e-Streetzone is marketed as an urban vehicle that combines attractive aesthetics and a substantial driving range. The e-Streetzone, Peugeot’s second e-bike in its future portfolio, will be one of the brand’s highlights at the Mondial de l’Automobile show in Paris from October 17 to 23, 2022. 

Peugeot hasn’t released any prices just yet, but they’ll probably be more over 3,000 euros. Additionally, you receive more cutting-edge technological capabilities, like support for the Free2Move eSolutions application, which enables you to construct a route and determine where you need to charge. 

Peugeot E Street Zone Battery Range and Performance 

Under the seat is where the E-energy Streetzone’s storage is situated. One or two batteries will be offered to customers. The flying cap should also be put in the storage area if there is just one battery present. 

The Streetzone can travel up to 112 kilometres in eco mode with two batteries. Because both battery packs are detachable, the lights may be recharged using a standard outlet. 

E streetzone

Instead of the powertrain swingarm that is frequently used in combustion models, the engine is mounted on the back wheel, which is operated by a double-sided swingarm with two spring struts. Both the front and rear brakes—a disc brake in front and a drum brake behind—provide deceleration. 

Peugeot E Street Zone

Peugeot E Street Zone Design 

Peugeot uses a standard chassis design with the Streetzone engine. There is additional storage under the seat, and if just one battery is being used, it is reported that a jet helmet can fit in the cargo area. Driving-related information is displayed on the LC display in the cockpit. 

A lot of specifications are yet to be revealed by the automakers, so stay tuned to this page as we will update this information once the company declares the official technical specifications.

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