Hero Electric Scooter Price, Top Speed, Features

Hero electric scooter price

Check out Hero Electric Scooter Price List. Hero Electric, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has introduced new e-scooters. The next Hero electric scooter is an easy-to-manoeuvre e2W that finds a great mix between technology and convenience to meet the requirement for short-distance travels to nearby coffee shops, golf courses, and gymnasiums, among other things. The Hero electric scooter will be available in various colours, including yellow and light blue, and will not require a license or registration. These are modern, advanced, and elegant Hero electric scooters that will make our short-distance runs less polluted.

Hero Electric Scooter Price

Hero electric scooter price starts with Rs 34,690. Hero Electric currently sells 9 scooters, with two new models on the way, the AE-75, and AE-29. The Hero Electric Photon is the most expensive Hero electric scooter price, costing PRs 74,240. As well as Hero Electric’s latest product, the Eddy scooter is priced at Rs.72, 000. The Eddy can go 85 KM on a single charge, and the 1.536kWh battery takes 3-4 hours for charging.

The new Hero electric scooter has features such as Find My Bike, E-Lock, Large Boot Space, Follow Me Headlamps, and Reverse Mode for a smoother, cleaner, and greener ride.

Optima, Atria, Photon, NYX, Flash, Dash, and Eddy are among the most well-known brands in the line-up. Get the entire line available from 323 Hero Electric Scooter Dealers in 217 locations throughout India.

Hero Electric Scooter Price List

Hero Eddy Rs.72,000
Optima Rs.51,440 – 67,440
Atria Rs.66,640
Photon Rs.74,240
NYX Rs.67,440 – 67,540
Flash Rs.46,640 – 59,640
Hero Electric Axlhe Rs.54,000 – 55,000

The average customer is mindful that the cars they use to get to places create a lasting influence and contaminate their surroundings due to their intentional actions to make a difference to the environment.

As a result, switching to a cleaner, greener means of transportation for shorter distances to cafés, daily chores, and leisure trips allows people to reduce their carbon footprint dramatically. Hero Electric continues to develop the whole ecosystem.

It focuses on capitalizing on chances to accelerate EV adoption to fulfil a wide range of rider demand with an aggressively fashionable Hero electric scooter.

Hero Electric Scooter Fascinating Features

Several qualities make Hero electric scooter the preferred mode of transportation among today’s youth.

  • Less pollution – Electric scooters pollute the environment very little. So far, electric scooters have been among the front-runners. They merely utilize a minimal amount of power and generate no pollution.
  • Cruise control – Cruise control is one of the numerous contemporary technologies available on electric scooters. With a single button press, you may engage in cruise control.
  • Braking system – The regenerative braking mechanism has been fine-tuned to allow experienced riders to operate the scooter without using the disc brakes, saving money on maintenance and electricity.

Finally, compared to gasoline scooters, an electric scooter offers a more excellent riding experience, with a quiet, vibration-free ride and instantaneous torque, making it significantly more enjoyable to ride.

  • Smooth Body – an Electric Scooter’s body comprises both plastic and metal elements. To provide it with a desirable, long-lasting vehicle that will enable it to work correctly.
  • Batteries – Batteries the three primary batteries used in electric scooters are sealed lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion. The most often used of them is ION-Lithium, which has a high performance.
  • Brushless direct currentHero electric scooter used Brushless direct current (BLDC) electric motors in electric scooter hubs. Every electric kick scooter comes with at least one engine, and some come with two. Electric motor power consumption is measured in watts.

Silence and sightseeing is seldom a good match in a metropolis. Moreover, almost all modes of transportation emit considerable amounts of noise pollution, including vehicles, motorcycles, buses, and trains.

Hero electric scooter price

Hero Electric Scooter Specifications

Hero electric scooter price and Specifications, which are essentially harmless to the environment and generate no pollutants, can assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Hero electric scooter can help you save energy while also providing transportation.

Range/ Charge 70-90 KM
Speed 25-45 Kmph
Battery Type Lithium
Capacity 51.2V / 30AH
Motor Watts 500 -1200 W
Peak Power 1200 -1800 W
Charging Time 4 to 5 Hours
Available Colours Grey, White, Blue, Red, Beige, Black, Blue

It’s simple to find a parking place, but it’s also simple to make mistakes. Reducing noise pollution while avoiding traffic congestion may also assist public transportation by lowering maintenance costs.

Hero Electric Famous Scooter Brand in India

Hero Electric is a famous scooter brand in India, with many scooter fans preferring it. This year, Hero electric scooter plans to debut 5 scooters in various budgets with varying specs and features.

The Hero Electric Axlhe 20 is slated to launch at a minimum price of 55 K, and the Hero Electric Ae 3 is expected to launch at a maximum price of 1.2 Lacs.  Other Yamaha motorcycles set to be released in 2022-2023 include the Hero Electric AE 29, Hero Electric AE 3, Hero Electric AE 75, Hero Electric AE 8, Hero Electric Eddy scooter, and Hero Electric AXLHE 20.

The most recent Hero electric scooter model for 2022 is the Hero Electric Flash, which has already been introduced in India at 25.49 K.  Furthermore, the motorbike features a new deluxe model priced at 49.66 K. It is now one of the most recent Hero Electric scooter models for 2022.

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