Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise Cost, Requirements

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

If you’re looking for a new venture that will soon make you money, look no further. The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise is then among your greatest possibilities. All of the top two- and four-wheeler manufacturers currently introduce their two- and four-wheelers in Indian markets. You may learn how to start an Indian franchise for electric vehicle charging stations for cars and bicycles here. Get comprehensive details on the Online Application Process and the Indian Company List as well.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

A station or location with a charging outlet that is equipped to meet the power needs of a plug-in electric car is known as an EV charging station. A car that runs entirely on batteries is not the only type of electric vehicle that comes to mind. Additionally, this covers other electric cars with rechargeable batteries, like hybrid electric vehicles.

Today electric charging stations present a great and significantly more lucrative business opportunity. Residential charging stations and fast commercial charging stations are the two types of electric vehicle charging stations that are accessible to the general public. Although the Ministry of Energy must grant permission, there is no official license needed to start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise business. Several subsidiaries are provided by the governments of several nations for commercial Public EV Charging Stations equipment machinery.

It’s not difficult to start an electric vehicle charging station. This article will cover every aspect of beginning an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise business, including costs, profits, franchising options, how to increase revenue, outcompete competitors, and how to attract more clients.

EV Charging Station Companies in India  

List of EV Charging stations companies in India are as follows:

    • Exicom Power systems- Gurgaon
    • P2 power solution- Noida
    • Magneta Group- Navi Mumbai
  • TATA power- Mumbai
  • Okaya power group- Delhi
    • Numocity- Bangalore 
  • Volttic- Noida
    • Charge+zone- Vadodara 
    • ChargeMyGaadi- Delhi
  • EVQPoint- Bengaluru

How to start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise?

Different organizations may have different requirements for beginning an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise. Some may want you to hold a certain amount of property, while others may not. However, in general, you need to have a solid grasp of the franchise’s business characteristics and identify additional revenue streams in order to launch a successful charging station franchise firm.

According to the government’s building requirements, EV charging stations must be positioned every three kilometers in major cities and every 25 kilometers on both hands of roadways. There should be a heavy-duty and long-range car charging station every 100 kilometers on both sides of the road (substantially Roadways). India is also constructing an electric highway linking Delhi and Mumbai in an effort to improve artificial transportation. Due to India’s lack of EV charging stations, we are now far from being able to satisfy demand, and we can see that charging stations are urgently required.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

EV Charging Station Franchise Investment Cost  

Investment required to launch a charging station business varies by business. In India, it can range from 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees.

This represents a substantial price disparity. It entirely depends on corporate standards, handling and power output fees, and setup costs, which vary from company to company. Below are details according to charger type and power output.

Charger Type Output Power Charger Cost
Bharat AC-001 3.3 70000
Bharat DC-001 15 240000
Type 2 AC 22 125000
CHAdeMO 50 14,50,000
CCS 50 14,40,000

Other Setup Cost

New electricity connection 750000 Rs
Civil work 250000 Rs.
Maintenance cost 350000 Rs.
Land lease 600000 Rs.

Electric Vehicle Station Setup Requirements

EV Charging Station Basic Requirements

Type of Charger Charger Connector Voltage Rated No of Charging Points (Connector Guns)
Fast Charging CCS (Min 50 KW) 200-1000 1/1 CG
CHAdeMO (Min 50 KW) 200-1000 1/1 CG
Type-2 AC (Min 22 KW) 380-480 1/1 CG
Normal (Slow/Moderate) Charging Bharat DC-001 (15 KW) 72-200 1/1 CG
Bharat AC-001 (10 KW) 230 3/3 CG of 3.3 KW Each

Setting up an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise requires the following infrastructure:

  • parking spot for a vehicle’s charging
  • local accreditations
  • appropriate civil work
  • location next to a transformer
  • Using a renewable energy source in the event that a transformer is not accessible.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise in India

Using franchise concepts to build a charging station in India can be a smart move and have additional advantages. Franchises can assist with setting up charging stations in India and can also provide guidance on adhering to regulatory requirements.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise companies listed below can assist you in setting up charging stations in India.

  •     Charge+Zone- Vadodara 
  •     Dyna Hi-tech power systems- Navi Mumbai 
  •     PlugNGo- Noida
  •     Tata Power- Mumbai
  •     Statiq- Harayana

TATA Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

Among all the businesses that offer you a franchise listed above, TATA is one of the most established and reliable. You can quickly contact Tata through their business website if you have a strong interest in them.

  1. You must visit Tata Power’s official website. You may find EV charging options from the Tata Power company on the official website.
  2. There are three choices available to you when you visit the home page. This declares whether you are seeking for an EV charging solution for fleet companies, workplaces, shopping centers, and hotels.
  3. You can choose and then press the click here button according to your name.
  4. As a result, you will be taken to a separate page that is specifically designed for commercial inquiries.
  5. You must fill out your name, company, mobile number, email address, and department on that page (Billing, HR, Project, SED, etc.).
  6. Select your choice from the department section if you would please. Now, write a comment on the company’s business objectives.
  7. then enter the captcha code that is provided. After that, press the submit button. The business will automatically get in touch with you after that.
  8. [email protected] is the company’s email address, which you may use to get in touch with them.

PlugNGO Charging Station Franchise

  1. You must use the company’s official website to purchase this franchise. Specifically, www.plugngo.co.in.
  2. You have the option to become a partner with us on the homepage. Toggle that. Consequently, the franchise owners will be visible.
  3. As soon as you click on that, the choices—franchise model 1, model 2, and model 3—will show up. Find more about it on the official website

Charge+Zone Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

Creating electric charging stations is another area where Charge+Zone excels. To make it simple for EV drivers to locate charging stations, developers must create a user-friendly mobile phone app. All around India, these charging networks are accessible.

  1. If someone is interested in purchasing a Charge+Zone franchise, they can call +91-7227025948 or send a WhatsApp message to +91-72269 99590.
  2. Additionally, customers can reach the business by email at [email protected].
  3. The franchise’s mobile app provides access to additional information. This mobile app is simple to download because it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

We hope that all the facts for installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise, as well as Station setting up-related information, are beneficial to you. You can ask inquiries in the comment box below if you still have any queries.

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