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What began as a British military vehicle in the 1950s, the classic Moke quickly grew into an iconic beach cruiser beloved by surfers, celebrities, and Caribbean travelers. Today the Moke has been reinvented with an all-electric powered powertrain Moke Electric Car and cutting-edge engineering, at the same time as still last authentic to its conventional British roots. Now known as the eMoke, this twenty-first-century green beach buggy is primed and equipped for fun in the sun.

Moke Electric Car

Above all, “Moke America” wanted Moke to be environmentally friendly. There is an electric revolution in Europe and countries like the Netherlands will have fully electric cars by 2024. It was obvious that this effort had to be electric.

The old Mokes had very loud engines. With ours, it’s quiet when you are driving. You can recharge it with a 110 socket. It plugs into any household socket. Eight hours for a full charge and a full charge can take you almost forty miles of driving time.

Moke America is a Low-Speed ​​Vehicle (LSV) with a top speed of 25 MPH. Moke America vehicles are perfect for the golf course or the gated community.

This is better for the environment. The price is reasonable. Moke America is a neighborhood electric vehicle.

Moke Electric Car Highlights

  • All Electric: Eco Friendly, Zero Emissions!
  • 8 Hours: Is All It Takes For A Full Charge!
  • 40 Miles: Per Full 8 Hour Charge!

Top Specifications

  • Range: 144km
  • Top Speed: 100km/H
  • Starting At: £29,150
  • Moke-Electric-Car

Introducing To The Moke America

A 20th century classic car reimagined with 21st century green electric power, available exclusively in the United States.

  • Zero Emissions – All Electric Transmission
  • Full Charge In 8 Hours, From Any Outlet
  • 40-Mile Range – Cruising Speed 25 MPH
  • Approved On Street
  • 9 Unique Colors
  • Over 1000 Ways To Customize It
  • Assembled In America

Reserve Your Bespoke Moke

At West Coast, Moke believe that everyone’s unique personality should be celebrated. That’s why they offer over 1000 ways to personalize your Moke. With so many styling options, you can be sure you’ll love your Moke.

Start by selecting a primary exterior color. From the website you can select the colors for the roll bar, bumpers and grille. If you want to get inspired, do not hesitate to consult to the existing inventory!

After choosing color combinations, you can add premium features to your Moke. These optional features include:

  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Blackout Rims
  • Roof Tops of Various Styles and Colors
  • White Seats or Rear Bench Seating
  • Wood Steering Wheel

After you customize your Moke, you will see a deposit amount equal to 50% of the the base cost of your Moke. You will be asked to pay this deposit at checkout to create your personalized Moke. The balance will be due upon the delivery.

After completing your reservation, a West Coast Moke representative will contact you with order and the delivery details. You will receive your Moke 90 days after making the deposit.

Show your good taste in the world and conceive your personalized partner today!


Moke Electric Car Specification


Model  EMC-95A
Power Type  Battery Electric Vehicle
Endurance Mileage  40
Max Speed  25 mph
Max Gradeability  60%


Length  131 inches
Width  65 inches
Height  61 inches
Wheel Base  89 inches
Front Wheel Tread  59 inches
Rear Wheel Tread  50 inches
Unladen Mass  1050 kg
Seating Capacity  4
Luggage Capacity 25L

Chassis and Steering System

Drive Mode  Front Wheel Drive (4×2)
Drive System  Left or Right Hand
Front Suspension  McPherson Independent
Rear Suspension Lengthways Trailing Arm
Steering Mode  Hydraulic Steering

Motor / Battery

Battery Type  AGM
Battery Capacity  12 kwh
Charging Time  6-8 hours
Motor Type  Three-phase, AC, Asynchronous
Motor Rated Power  7.5 Kw
Motor Max Power  15 Kw (20 Ps)
Max Torque  95 N.m
Max Speed  6800 r/min

Packing Size (2 Sections)

  • 3530x1920x2100 mm for 20GP
  • 3530x1920x2400 mm for 40HQ

Wheel Braking System

Front Brake Type  Disc

Wheel Braking System

Front Brake Type  Disc

Moke Electric Car Built In America With American Parts

The largest components of the Moke are made in America including the glasses, seat belts, tires and the batteries. All 10 batteries are made in America. The product is assembled on the American soil. If you have any problem with the batteries, Moke America have them there on the shelf.

Moke Electric Car is easy to use, easy to wash also. The whole car can be washed, inside and out. They offer a sun awning so that you are half outside and half inside. Appearance and design is better than the original because it is longer, wider and closer to an American car.

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