Zeros FXE Electric Motorcycle 2022 is the shape of the Future


Why should electric motorcycles look like gasoline motorcycles? For EV Zero motorcycles, the answer is always market adoption. This is a company that sells more electric motorcycles than any other company. What qualifications do I have to argue with them? Zeros FXE Electric points to the electric aesthetics pool, however, among other mixed metaphors, this is a home run hell.

Zeros FXE Electric

A few years ago, as the concept of Portland One Moto Show, Zero and Huge Design SF developed Zero SM. This is an instant blow. He asked everyone to talk about the design and what the electric bike looks like in practice. As we want them to see.

As CEO Sam Paschel said when introducing the new SM FXE series of motorcycles “That must be the future. What about my jetpack?” FXE is not a jetpack, but it is definitely the future.

Specifications of Zero’s FXE

Motor Air-cooled ZF 75-5 IPM
Battery   7.2 kWh (maximum capacity)
Suggested Retail Price $ 11,795  
Built-in lithium battery charger type 650 W Built-in
Charging time 100% in 110V or 220V standard input
Declared range 60 miles on the highway, 100 miles in the city, a total of 75 miles
Declared maximum power 46 hp @ 3500 rpm
Declared maximum torque 78 lb-ft.
Maximum speed 85 miles per hour
Drive No clutch, direct drive
Wheelbase   56.0 inches standard warranty: 2 years
Seat height   32.9 inches
Specified curb weight 299 pounds.

What is Zeros FXE Electric ?



It is no accident that most of the FXE comes directly from the company’s existing FXS model. The current Supermoto brand 7.2 FXS will be eliminated and replaced by FXE for public consumption. Will be available, but only for fleet and municipal sales. Off-road FX continues to use the new FXE TFT display.

The Z Force 75-5 motor and 7.2 kWh battery make FXE the most efficient motorcycle ever built by Zero. It still has the same specifications as the previous FXS, which means driving 100 miles in the city, 46 hp / 78 lb-ft, and a top speed of 85 mph.

The motor is still a brushless, passive air-cooled, permanent magnet unit, continuing the relatively new operating system of Cypher II. The price of a household socket is 81 cents.

So yes, it is basically an FXS chassis and landing gear, but with a better front apron, a more vertical ergonomic design, and a futuristic appearance. The price is slightly higher than $11,295, which should have been worth buying 7.2 FXS. FXE’s 11795: I would say it is worth it.

Charging is normally complex Zero fare, as the same old motorcycle most effective comes with a 110v onboard charger, and you need to buy a non-obligatory fast charger to make it top off faster.

Charging on 110v from 0-one hundred percentage takes nearly ten hours, however, the accent fast charger gets it there in 4.1 hours. You can plug in more than one accent charger to get that pace right all the way down to 1.8 hours, however thinking about the one’s chargers are $600, I’m now no longer certain it’s really well worth it.


Who is this Motorcycle for?

This bike is ideal for urban or commuter riders who have a safe place to charge overnight. You will never reset this bike in one day.

If you turn on it overnight, you will always ride with a fully charged battery in the morning even without an updated charger. Would it be better for this bike to have a built-in J1772 level 2 charging port? Absolutely. Street charging is actually useless.

You don’t have to be an experienced cyclist to ride one of them. Thanks to the high and soft suspension, this bike is forgiving and comfortable enough to ride all day in the city.

It can absorb shocks well and is very light and can be moved easily. There is enough power to get into trouble, but only if you really are a bully.

It is not a super athlete, and despite the electric torque acceleration, it is far from stopping. With this in mind, almost all FXE specifications are suitable.

Braking and turning behaviors are completely acceptable monetary value. But there are no new highlights here. FXE is an ideal choice for solving potholes, curb cracks, and general urban hooliganism.

However, no one can ride 100 miles a day in a city, so there are many options for what this bike must do.

Did I mention how good it looks?

The new TFT screen is very beautiful. It was easy to read and understand at first glance, and I didn’t even notice it. It’s good on two wheels.

Zero’s FXE looks good!

Looks like a lot of motorcycles that cost so much money. I am seriously considering buying one of two or three motorcycles. This may not be your only motorcycle, especially if you like to ride long distances. As some of you argued, but it’s well worth seeing. The simple and fun rating is an A-plus.


The main complaint of this bike is the low suspension pedals. At the left corner, when you bend down, the pedal is the first thing that hits the floor.

Not only is it surprising that it is a rigidly mounted part, but it actually reduces the weight of the rear tire when digging for real problems around the corner.

Like everything on the market today, the rear wing looks terrible, but it needs to obey the traffic rules. There are also slightly curved turn signals.

Fortunately, Zeros FXE Electric has after-sales solutions for both of these problems, so it looks better to spend more money in the factory.

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