Damon HyperFighter 2022 Top Speed, Features

damon hyperfighter

Forget what you know about the streetfighters. Designed for a new generation of urban riders, Damon HyperFighter Colossus and Unlimited deliver thrilling power, fierce design, and epic technology. So, you can fight traffic, gasoline, and compromise.

Damon HyperFighter

Design your journey with the HyperFighter Unlimited customizable body kits and graphics packages. Whether you’re a commuter, track, or stunt rider, there are alternatives to create your very own particular bike.

Damon Hypersport

Damon HyperFighter HyperDrive

Damon’s innovative HyperDrive ™ is the world’s first multivariate powertrain built from a unibody, 100% electric; forming the core of all Demon motorcycles.

Structural power reduces weight, improves balance, and gives the HyperFighter intense numbers.

damon hyperfighter

HyperFighter HyperDrive Specifications

  • 0 to 60 in 3 Seconds

The lighter weight of a unibody design allows for unprecedented electric acceleration.

  • 200 Horsepower

The unique electric motor and the gearbox design generates the highest power of density in today’s automotive industry.

  • 200 MPH

6 phases of system control allow you to achieve speeds that can warp time and distort reality.

  • 200 Mile Range

A lightweight, load-bearing, high-energy battery design means you can get rid of the range anxiety.

  • Zero Maintenance

With very few moving parts, the only malfunctioning system in the world requires virtually no maintenance.

Damon HyperFighter Futuristic Specification



• Proprietary, Direct Oil-Cooled, 6-Phase IPM Topology

• 150 kW Peak Output MOM,

• 235 Nm Peak Torque 0 12 Nm/kg

• 18000 rpm Redline




• Liquid-cooled, fail-operational 2 x 80 kW architecture

• Integrated SiC-based 7.2 kW level 2 charger

• Integrated DC fast charge 31772 CCS




• Active thermal management design

• Voltage sense integration

• Liquid cooling loop – 3C continuous discharge rate

• Temperature sense integration

• 21700 based lithium-ion

• Passive propagation resistance

• Overcharge protection

• Heat spreading

• Sealed – IP67

Damon HyperFighter Copilot

  • Remove distractions
  • Create space
  • Ride safe

As bikers, we can be fearless, but we are not negligent. So, they have brought situational awareness to the bike with an award-winning 360 ° Advanced Warning System.

The on-board neural network constantly searches for potential dangers and alerts you with the tactile feedback on the handlebars, LEDs integrated into the windshield, front and rear cameras, and long-range radar.

With every pedal stroke, the bike and the rider learn from each other, becoming smarter and safer.

  • Bike Adapts to You

Damon’s cloud-connected AI engine collects road and driving data, becoming smarter and safer over time. Learn how you drive, adapting to your style for meaningful interactions with you.

  • 360º View

We need to be hyper-aware of others, even when they don’t know us. Damon looks everywhere you don’t look, so you never have to rely on the conscience or decision-making of others.

  • Predictive AI

Most injuries show up at intersections and crosswalks. Damon will track as many as sixty-four items at a time, examine their subsequent move, and provide you with a warning with an LED light bar and grip vibrations if necessary.

Demon Motorcycles did not pioneer a feature. They built a system to define the future.


  • Front and Back Wide Angle 1080p Cameras
  • The combined viewing angle of 360º


  • Identifies up to 64 objects at once
  • Auto-updating AI engine
  • Road and ride data analysis
  • Predictive collision avoidance


  • Handlebar haptic feedback engine
  • Integrated windshield LED warning lights
  • LED screen warning display

Damon HyperFighter Charging Details

With the integrated charger’s levels 1, 2, and CCS, you can recharge on compatible charging stations.
You can also charge your bike at home if your electrical system is safe and compatible with electric vehicle charging. Just install a J1772 compatible EVSE and that’s it.

Charging Features

  • Compatible
  • Capable
  • Unprecedented
  • A Massive Charge With A Slim Profile

Every technical decision was made with the aim of creating the thinnest possible battery that would not compromise energy density or power. This is how we got intense electrical energy and made it last.

  • No range anxiety is necessary

With CCS fast charging and unmatched battery life in every HyperSport, you can forget your worries and focus on the euphoria. You will get there; you will come back and you will love everything else.

  • Do more with one charge

You will have days of backup power for your home and devices thanks to Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) connectivity. Two-way charging directly from your HyperSport, controlled and programmed remotely via the Damon application.

Damon HyperFighter Vehicle To Home (V2h)

  • Bi-directional energy storage and dispatch
  • Up to 3 days home power delivery

Damon HyperFighter Ecosystem

To give you all the tools you have to ride better and safer, we had to transcend the traditional role of the bike and the rider by creating the smartest bike on the street.

So, we connected a powerful application with cloud-based AI and a smart hardware interface. The app’s intuitive features allow you to view, plan and share your trip. You can check the charge, find places to charge, and have lots of brilliant features.

Your bike’s brain updates itself from trips around the world, and your brain updates whenever the bike gives you an alert.

Connectivity Features

  • WiFi Capable
  • Bluetooth
  • Cellular Data

Elements of the Bike

  • Mobile and wearable applications, trip tracking, battery status, and more.
  • Ai evolution from cloud data, user recognition, and OTA updates.
  • Integrated smart display interface for information about your bike and its environment.

The streetfighter was once the answer to an empty bank account and a damaged sports bike. Today, Damon HyperFighter offers a sophisticated urban electric streetfighter for day-to-day use.

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