Damon Hypersport Smartest and Safest All-Electric Sportbike In The World

Damon Hypersport receives the company’s Shift system which electronically adjusts the riding position at the go. This is carried out through shifting the footrests and handlebars and therefore, the rider can choose a sporty or a comfortable riding position.

Damon Hypersport Specs

Models SE SX HS Premier
HP 108 150 >200 >200
Torque >200 >200 >200 >200
Top Speed 200mph (193kph) 155mph(250kph) 200mph(321mph) 200mph(321mph)
Range Per Charge 100 miles(160km) 150 miles(250km) 200 miles(321km) 200 miles(321km)
Onboard Charge Rate 6.6 kW and DC 19.2 kW
Estimated MSRP $17,000 Rs $20,000 Rs $25,000 Rs $40,000

Damon Motorcycles has unveiled what they declare to be the world’s smartest and the most secure all-electric powered motorcycle.

The Damon Hypersport gets 200 hp of power as well as 200 Nm of torque under the sleeve which propels it to a top speed of 322 km/h.

That said, the e-motorcycle can positioned some of the litre-class motorcycles to shame. In terms of range, the number is equally impressive.

The electric-powered superbike can travel 322 km on a single charge. In addition, the motorcycle offers an even better range in town at 483 km.

Damon Hypersport is powered by a 20kWh liquid-cooled battery and can go from standstill to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds.

Now to one of the maximum thrilling functions of the Damon Hypersport!

The electric-powered superbike receives Damon’s Shift machine that electronically adjusts the driving role at the go.

This is done by moving the footrests and the handlebars. However, the rider can opt for a sporty or a comfortable riding position.

The Damon Hypersport additionally receives a CoPilot device that builds a 360-degree protection internet so as to expect risks and warn the rider.

The bike’s CoPilot system has a platform created through BlackBerry that allows in monitoring the speed, path, and speed of several items at a time surrounding the motorcycle.

The sensors send the indicators and those are then processed with the aid of using the onboard computer systems with a view to expecting threats of an accident.

The device warns the rider thru LEDs, haptic signals, and a rearview mirror.

The first 25 units of the Damon Hypersrport will have Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension, and a one-sided carbon fiber swingarm and, therefore, will be sold as a limited edition.

Damon Hypersport Price

The limited-version models of Damon Hypersport had been priced at $40,000 or Rs 29 lakh, the same old variations will cost $24,995 or Rs 18 lakh.

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