Simple One Electric Scooter Range, Price, Specs

Simple one

This post was originally published on September 29, 2022.

A luxury electric two-wheeler called the Simple One is produced by Bangalore-based firm Simple Energy. Without making many compromises on other areas of the scooter, the business seeks to provide riders the finest in class range. Additionally, Simple One Electric Scooter planned for the deliveries to begin in September. In the interim, potential customers can schedule a free test drive in their cities. You can learn everything else about the Simple One by reading the following post

Simple One Electric Scooter

The Simple One electric scooter was first shown to us by Simple Energy on August 15, 2021. When the scooter was first unveiled, Simple One representatives bragged that it would offer the best-in-class range and acceleration. A portable battery pack for Simple Energy’s electric scooter will weigh little over 6 kg and be transportable for interior recharging. The battery will be a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery with a top speed of 100 kmph, 0 to 50 kmph acceleration in 3.6 seconds, and a stated range of 240 km in Eco mode.

A mid-drive electric motor with a futuristic design will be featured in The Simple One Electric Scooter.  The Simple One will also come equipped with sophisticated amenities including Bluetooth connectivity, an instrument panel with a touchscreen, and onboard navigation. Four colors are available for the Simple One electric scooter: Azure Blue, Brazen Black, Grace White, and Namma Red.

Simple One Specs

Max Speed 105 Kmph
Range/Charge 236 Km/Charge
Charging Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Battery Capacity 4.8 kwh
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Motor Power 4500 w
Engine Type Chain Drive
Max Torque 72 Nm
Fuel Type Electric
Type Automatic

Easy Energy Simple One will be introduced in 13 Indian states in the initial phase, with 2 models priced between Rs. 1.10 lakh and Rs. 1.45 lakh.

Simple one

One E-Scooter Design

Designing the One was a futuristic and minimalist endeavour for Simple. Yes, there are many clear design parallels to the Ather 450X, particularly with the triangle headlight. It does, however, have a sharp tail unit and a flared body with several cuts. The grab grip is very substantial and thick. In actuality, the Indian Paradise Flycatcher served as inspiration for the design. Sharp character lines can be seen throughout the scooter’s front and sides in the design. 

The LED tail lamp and LED indicators are complemented by a tapered rear end. The LED headlamps are located in the front, which is also pointed like a bird’s beak. The sleek design continues to the back, where it is finished off with a tastefully done LED tail lamp unit. Overall, the design is appealing and futuristic.

Simple One Electric Scooter Battery, Range, Charging

A 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery is connected with the Simple One’s motor. The battery pack weights 7kg and is detachable. IDC (Indian Drive Cycle) estimates that the electric scooter’s range is 236km. 

A 15A socket at home can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in 2.45 hours. The battery can be charged quickly and run for 2.5 kilometres in one minute. The Simple Loop charging network was just made available by Simple One for both residential and public charging. Across the following seven months, it plans to roll out more than 300 charging stations in 13 states. an 300 charging stations in the next seven months across 13 states.

Simple one scooty

Simple One Performance

A 7kW permanent magnet synchronous motor calibrated to produce a peak torque of 72Nm powers The Simple One. In 3.05 seconds, the motor can propel the electric scooter from rest to 40 kph (claimed). The top speed is 98 or 105 kilometres per hour, depending on the size of the tyres (claimed). There are four riding modes: Sonic, Dash, Ride, and Eco.

The tubular steel chassis of the One electric scooter features progressive monoshocks set symmetrically in the back and telescopic suspension up front. It is equipped with 12-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. Both the front and rear discs are 200mm in diameter (190mm). Combi-braking and regenerative braking technologies are additionally available. The One electric scooter’s drivetrain and braking system, according to Simple Energy, were created in-house and are patent protected.

One electric scooter

Simple One Electric Scooter Software & Features

The Simple One sports a sizable colour screen display. It has everything: maps, Bluetooth connectivity, music controls, SOS commands, and a document vault. To match the scooter’s colour, you can select various themes. Additionally, it provides all of the essential details about the scooter, including its range, battery SoC, temperature, mode, and speed.

The list of features on the Simple One Electric Scooter include 

  • four riding modes- Eco, Ride, Dash and Sonic. 
  • It also gets a 7-inch touchscreen with 4G and Bluetooth connectivity along with full-LED lighting.
  • music and call control
  • Navigation
  • vehicle tracking
  • tyre pressure monitoring system 
  • find-my-bike
  • geo-fencing
  • 30-litre underseat storage.

Simple One comfort Riding and handling

Simple performs well because it delivers market-leading levels of range. In many ways, the chassis also seems to be very amazing. In addition to designing the suspension and braking systems, Simple also created the tubular steel chassis. The scooter managed to manoeuvre around turns very well and did so while also conveying a sense of reasonable suspension comfort.

Simple One Electric Scooter seems like a promising electric scooter for the money. The EV delivers a long range, a strong motor, 72Nm of torque, support for fast charging, and a number of convenient features.

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