Hero Optima CX Price, Specification, Launch Date

Hero Optima CX

The Hero Optima going to upgrade its Hero Optima CX for 2022 and the brochure for the has been leaked before its official launch. So, the Hero Optima is going to launch its 2 variants i.e., CX and CX ER. The both variants will be the updated version of its existing Optima HX electric scooter. In the article below we will check out all the details of the Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022 in detail. 

Hero Optima CX 2022 

The new Optima CX will look identical to its predecessor, the Optima HX, but features are expected to alter. The Optima CX is predicted to be 25% more powerful than its predecessor. Furthermore, the electric motor’s efficiency will be 10% higher than previously, resulting in a higher top speed. Range will be increased as a result of the larger battery pack.

The key difference between the 2 variations of the Hero Optima, the CX and CX ER, is the battery pack on offer; the former has a single battery unit, while the latter has a twin battery pack.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022 Price  

The 2022 Optima CX series is available in 2 variants: 

  • A single battery CX variant for Rs 62,190/-.
  • A dual battery pack CX ER (extended range) variant for Rs 77,490/-.

Note: Both costs ex-showroom Delhi after Fame II subsidy.

The new scooter will be tweaked with some design modifications, as well as some noteworthy mechanical changes, according to the manufacturer. The new Optima CX electric scooter will be more powerful than the one it will replace. In addition, the corporation is anticipated to improve its electric motor’s total efficiency.

Some interesting features are expected to be included in the scooter is as follows.

Hero Optima CX

Hero Optima CX 2022 Features 

  • LED Headlamp: Even in the dark, the strong LED headlamps keep you secure.
  • Digital Instrument Cluster: With the sleek digital instrument cluster, you’ll have all the information you need right in front of you.
  • Telescopic Suspension: Rides that are difficult and bumpy are no longer an option. Every ride is jerk-free and smooth thanks to hero’s cutting-edge telescopic suspension.
  • USB Port: Is your phone’s battery dying? It’s no problem. Simply insert your gadget into the USB port to charge it on the fly.
  • Alloy Wheels: With alloy wheels, you can ride in style while also making your vehicle lighter and more stable.
  • Portable Battery: The Optima HX’s portable battery makes charging simple and handy. Simply remove the battery and charge it in the convenience of your own home or workplace.
  • Remote Lock & Anti-Theft Alarm: Extra security is usually beneficial. With the Optima HX’s Remote Lock & Antitheft Alarm feature, you may have it on your vehicle.

Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022 Specifications 

Specifications Hero Optima CX Hero Optima CX ER
Top Speed 45 KM/H 45 KM/H
Range 82 KM/C 140 KM/C
Full Charge 4 to 5 HRS 4 to 5 HRS
Motor Power 550 | 1200 Watts 550 | 1200 Watts
Wheel Size 12 Inch 12 Inch
Battery Capacity/Rating 51.2V / 30Ah 51.2V / 30Ah
Cruise Control Cruise Control Is There  Cruise Control Is There
Tyre Size  90/90-12 90/90-12
Walk Assist Walk Assist Is Present Walk Assist Is Present
Reverse Mode Reverse Mode Is Present  Reverse Mode Is Present

Optima CX 2022 Color Options 

 Both variants of the Optima CX will be available in 3 color options are as follows:

  • Blue
  • Grey 
  • White

In this way we have covered all the important details for the Hero Optima CX Electric Scooter 2022 including price, specifications, features, etc. For more details or topics like this one keep an eye on our website this will help you to be updated with new releases.  

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