HYUNDAI KONA Electric, India’s First All-Electric SUV

Adaptable and amazing, the KONA Electric might be the essential All-Electric SUV in India. Its solidarity pressed by and large execution offers an intriguing riding revel with regards to exorbitant speed increase over extensive distances.

HYUNDAI KONA Electric is here to substitute the way individuals ponder consideration going electric controlled.

HYUNDAI KONA Electric CAR Design

Gone is the honeycomb sash that mirrored the “grille” of the 2020 adaptation, changed through a Tesla Model 3-like clean nostril delegated through the familiar Hyundai logo.

This is more noteworthy through new LED sunlight hours strolling lighting apparatuses, and new sharp headlights that utilization a multi-layered reflector format.

Air admissions set into the front wheel curve are more noteworthy smoothed out, simultaneously as the guard admissions are currently not, at this point bent, and are as an option featured with embellishment bars to make the nostril more prominent characterized. Accents at the back guard escalate the pristine backlighting installations furthermore.

HYUNDAI KONA Electric is worldwide to the side for bounty reasons, the design being one in all of them. From aggressive outsides to smooth LED lighting apparatuses and lovely enumerating.

The charging port stays at the nostril, set withinside the left-hand feature for smooth nostril-in stopping get admission to the framework.

Inside the auto, the HYUNDAI KONA Electric furthermore endowments from a design revive, which incorporate a shiny new 10.25-inch virtual group correspondingly to the 10.25-inch media show which has been extended from the last update.

The 2021 HYUNDAI KONA Electric keeps up the equivalent assurance capacities of the previous adaptation which incorporates ahead impact evasion help that detects now not, at this point best cars anyway furthermore walkers and cyclists. Savvy voyage control, path following and keeping, adroit speed limit alerts, and main thrust interest admonitions additionally are presented all through.

New insurance abilities for the 2021 variant include vulnerable side and back pass site guests impact aversion help, primary car takeoff cautions, secure go-out admonitions, and back seat alarms.

Back travelers will delight in new 2d line seat warming notwithstanding more prominent USB ports for re-energizing contraptions.

Kona EV Interior

What number of People Does the Kona EV Seat?

This SUV has 19.2 cubic ft of the region at the rear of the back seats and 45.eight cubic ft with them collapsed down. The HYUNDAI KONA Electric has the equivalent amount of room on the grounds that the nonhybrid Kona. Nonetheless, its figures are little for a subcompact SUV, and it even path electric fueled autos actually like the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Tesla Model S.

Up to 5 individuals can sit down on this car. The front seats are agreeable, and it’s smooth to find an exact riding position. Space withinside the lower back gets tighter, and taller riders may likewise detect specifically confined.

Fabric upholstery warmed the front seats, and split-collapsing back seats are mainstream. You can improve to cowhide-based upholstery, an eight-way strength-movable main thrust’s seat, ventilated front seats, or a warmed direction wheel.

Kona EV and Child Car Seats

There are entire units of LATCH connectors for the back detachable seats and a tie anchor for the back focus seat.

Kona EV Interior Quality

Fit and end are precise, and the combination turn of dark tones and silver accents appears to be wonderful, anyway, some extreme plastics safeguard the Kona’s lodge from feeling as upscale as a couple of opponents’.

Kona EV Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

This present Hyundai’s infotainment contraption is easy to utilize. The contact shown is encircled through handles and fastens which can be inside smooth accomplish for the main impetus, and the presentation reacts quickly to inputs. A portion of its photographs is a clue dated, aleven however.

Standard infotainment abilities: a 7-inch contact show, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio, satellite television for pc radio, a six-speaker sound contraption, USB ports, and Bluetooth

Accessible infotainment abilities: a 10.25-inch contact show, wi-fi instrument charging, an eight-speaker Infinity sound system, and route

Extra mainstream capacities: press button start, vicinity keyless section, and robotized climate control

Other to be had capacities: a sunroof

What is the cost of HYUNDAI KONA EV?

With a starting MSRP of $37, a hundred ninety for the base HYUNDAI KONA Electric SEL, that is one of the pricier half breeds and electric fueled SUVs, and it’s much more noteworthy expensive than the Tesla Model 3, a sumptuous car.

Is the Hyundai Kona EV a Good SUV?

Indeed, the HYUNDAI KONA Electric is a magnificent car. At 258 miles, its riding assortment is one of the longest in its group. Additionally supporting the Hyundai is its amazing powertrain and instinctive infotainment controls. It has masses of famous main impetus help capacities as well. Nonetheless, its lower rearward sitting arrangements are confined, and its shipment capacity and lodge substances aren’t pretty much as appealing as the ones in rivals.

Would it be a good idea for you to Buy the Hyundai Kona EV?

There are heaps to adore roughly this Hyundai, anyway masses of the mixture and electric-controlled SUVs convey more prominent to the table. The all-new Toyota RAV4 Prime is a module cross breed with major shipment protection and famous all-wheel power. The Chevrolet Bolt has more keen managing than the Kona EV and more noteworthy general shipment territory. In the event that electric fueled assortment is your need, you can have to review the Tesla Model 3.

Kona EV Performance

  • Kona EV Motor

Driving each HYUNDAI KONA Electric is a 150-kW electric fueled engine with a yield of 201 pull and 291 pound-ft of force. This SUV feels quick and lively, and it might support up hurriedly path to the on the spontaneous force created through the electrical engine.

  • Kona EV MPGe

The 2021 Kona EV acquires an EPA-expected 132 MPG-equivalent withinside the town and 108 MPGe at the roadway. Those are splendid figures.

  • What Is the Driving Range of the Kona EV?

As indicated by the EPA, the all-electric fueled Kona has an assortment of 258 miles.

  • How Do You Charge the Kona EV?

Standard withinside the Kona EV is a 7.2-kW degree II charger, which assists you to value the SUV with a family-style strength outlet. This EV moreover comes well known with 3 years of the BlueLink telematics contraption, which assists you with investigating your charging notoriety distantly the utilization of your cell phone. You may even plan to charge occasions at some stage in off-tallness hours for decline rates.

  • How Long Does It Take to Charge the Kona EV?

Utilizing the standard charger and a 240-volt outlet, you may re-energize this present car’s battery in roughly 9.five hours. With 50-kW DC Fast Charging, you may re-energize as much as 80% of the battery in 75 mins; it takes 54 mins with 100-kW charging.

  • Where Can One Charge the Kona EV?

Charging the HYUNDAI KONA Electric at homegrown is an alternative, aleven however you can have to make certain you have got a 220-or 240-volt charger to do as such. You likewise can utilize any of the pretty much 25,000 public charging stations all through the U.S.

  • How Long Will the Kona EV’s Battery Last?

There are for the most part assortments of circumstances that affect the presence of a battery, which could make it extreme to offer an association answer for the way protracted it’ll last. Hyundai offers a delayed 10-year/100,000-mile ensure for the battery.

  • Kona EV Ride and Handling

This current Hyundai’s regenerative slowing down contraption capacities easily. It has 3 settings that you may flip with shift paddles at the direction wheel. The most reduced putting leaves the brakes feeling like they could in a gas-controlled car. Higher settings development regenerative slowing down while you raise off the gas pedal, easing back the car. In any case, you’ll in any case need to venture at the brake pedal to totally prevent the Kona.

The experience is delicate, and the Kona EVs low center of gravity permits its sense-made round turns.

  • How Fast Is the Kona EV?

The Hyundai Kona EV takes somewhat more prominent than six seconds to head from 0 to 60 kmph.

  • Is the Kona EV Available With All-Wheel Drive?

No, all-wheel power isn’t constantly introduced on this EV.

KONA EV Reliability

  • Is the Hyundai Kona EV Reliable?

The 2021 Hyundai Kona EV does now presently don’t have an expected dependability rating as of this composition.

  • Hyundai Kona EV Warranty

Hyundai backs the HYUNDAI KONA Electric with a 5-year/60,000-mile central assurance and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain ensure. That is a protracted

Kona EV Safety

  • Kona EV Crash Test Results

Neither the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nor the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has crash analyzed the 2021 HYUNDAI KONA Electric.

Kona EV Safety Features

Standard unrivaled security capacities:

  • Rearview camera
  • Vulnerable side observing
  • Back pass site guests alert
  • Path protect help
  • Forward impact notice
  • Programmed crisis slowing down
  • Driver interest screen

Accessible unrivaled assurance abilities:

  • Walker location
  • Backstopping sensors
  • Pause and-move versatile voyage control
  • Head-up show
  • Programmed unreasonable pillar headlights

Which Hyundai Kona EV Models are available on road?

Hyundai makes the 2021 HYUNDAI KONA Electric in 3 trim levels: SEL, Limited, and Ultimate. Each trim has the front-wheel power and the equivalent powertrain: a solitary speed transmission and a 201-strength 150-kW electric controlled engine. The HYUNDAI KONA Electric has an EPA-evaluated riding assortment of 258 miles.

The base trim is very much equipped with tech and assurance abilities. Since there aren’t any chief other options or applications sooner or later of the arrangement, you’ll get the Ultimate trim to get desserts like a greater contact show.

  • Hyundai Kona EV SEL

The HYUNDAI KONA Electric has a starting MSRP of $37,190. The standard framework comprises a 7-inch contact show, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, a six-speaker sound system, satellite television for pc radio, HD Radio, USB ports, and Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics contraption.

Closeness keyless section, electronic climate control, a cowhide-based-wrapped direction wheel, warmed the front pail seats, 60/40-split-collapsing back seats, and combination wheels additionally are well known.

A couple of main thrust help capacities are ensured as well, which incorporates a front-facing crash evasion device, a main impetus premium screen, vulnerable side checking, back pass site guests alarm, and path safeguard help.

  • Hyundai Kona EV Limited

With a starting MSRP of $41,800, Limited designs advantage cowhide-based upholstery, an eight-way strength-customizable main thrust’s seat, wi-fi instrument charging, modernized unreasonable bar headlights, and a sunroof.

  • Hyundai Kona EV Ultimate

The Ultimate retails for $45,400. It benefits a 10.25-inch contact show, route, an eight-speaker Infinity sound system, ventilated front seats, a warmed direction wheel, passerby location, a head-up show, versatile voyage control, downpour detecting windshield wipers, and backstopping sensors. The Ultimate is in like manner all that trim which could a few devices being identified with the infotainment device.

Is Hyundai Kona to be had in India?

The facelifted Hyundai KONA Electric ought to show up in India in past due 2021 and we can accept to peer the equivalent unadulterated electric controlled powertrain withinside the state of the Kia Soul EV too. We are plausible to hold getting the 39.2kWh battery-percent best with the current day form valued from Rs 23.76 lakhs.

KONA Electric Review

Things We Like

  1. Asserted assortment of 452km as in sync with ARAI. Regardless of whether the genuine worldwide assortment drops through a huge edge, there’s adequate for seven days’ truly certainly worth of driving
  2. long term/boundless km ensure at the auto and long term/1,60,000km assurance for the battery percent
  3. Highlight stacked electric fueled auto. Gets desserts like LED projector headlamps, controlled main thrust seat, warmed and cooled the front seats, sunroof, eight-inch touchscreen, 6 airbags, foothold control, and loads more noteworthy
  4. Very spotless force revel in. Quick speed increase, nearly commotion loosened riding, and smooth to capture riding conduct make it an incredible purchase for first-time electric fueled car purchasers
  5. Numerous charging choices – DC quick value, degree 2 AC wall box charger, and degree 1 movable charger
  6. Low strolling cost. Hyundai claims normal operational expense, which incorporate administrations, is 1/fifth of an equivalent petroleum car

Things We Don’t Like

  1. Normal lodge territory. Not like a further estimated petroleum/diesel SUV very much like the Jeep Compass or Hyundai Tucson
  2. Normal boot region is comparable to sub-10 lakh Rupee hatchbacks
  3. Restricted traveling value choices. You will depend on the accessibility of quick value stations or should utilize the movable charger that requires various hours at a total cost
  4. Comes up short on the road presence and length of a charge rival actually like the Compass or Tucson


The Hyundai Kona EV stands glad among crossover and electric fueled SUVs because of its extensive riding assortment, and its rapid speed increase and wealth of solidarity help make it amusing to influence. For an electric fueled car, this Hyundai is a heavenly percent, anyway, there are higher choices in the event that you need a ritzier lodge or more prominent room on your travelers and shipment.

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