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Polestar 6

The highly regarded design known as Polestar O2 has a production version known as Polestar 6. It will be built on the internal vehicle platform of the Swedish carmaker. After receiving overwhelmingly positive press and public reaction, Polestar has declared that the stunning 02 Concept will be produced as the Polestar 6 Roadster by 2026. The Polestar O2 concept will be produced, according to the electric performance brand Polestar. Therefore, it will adopt Polestar’s naming convention and be referred to as the Polestar 6. Unfortunately, those who reserved a Polestar Electric Vehicle will have to wait until 2026. You can view its official introduction video on the website in the interim.

Polestar 6

According to Polestar, the O2 electric roadster concept will enter production in 2026 and debut as the Polestar 6. The 02 Concept, a hardtop roadster with a whole new electric motor and the foundation of a new design language for the company, was the precursor to the recently-named Polestar 6 Electric Roaster.

It has 2 + 2 type seats enclosed in a sculpted body that resembles the Polestar 5’s future four-door grand touring sister. The 02 concept appears to be almost ready for production; however some elements, like the retractable drone, probably won’t be used.

The Polestar Electric Vehicle will have a limited-edition LA Concept version of 500 cars when it goes on sale. Style cues from the 02 Concept will be present in it, such as the sky blue paint job, the 21-inch wheels, and the light interior. Although the Polestar O2 won’t arrive in your driveway for almost four years, you may place an order right now.

Polestar 6 Target Specifications

Specification Target
Acceleration (0-100 kph target) 3.2 sec
Top speed 155 mph
Power 650 kW
Range 370+ mi (WLTP)²
Powertrain Dual motor
Torque 900 Nm
Battery 110 kWh
Electric architecture 800-Volt
Vehicle Type Electric Sports Car
Year of Production 2026
Production Place Chengdu, China

The O2 idea includes an autonomous cinematic drone that can be used to record driving scenes, which is one of its most remarkable features. According to reports, the drone, which was developed in conjunction with Hoco Flow, can follow the Polestar o2 Top Speed at up to 90 kph (around 56mph). If it will make it to the production model is not yet apparent, though. Ingenlath claims that the O2 roadster concept was created to strengthen Polestar’s reputation as a high-end sports brand, and it appears that the business has been successful in doing so.

Polestar O2

Polestar O2 Roadster Specs And Features


  • The Polestar O2 concept electric roadster borrows styling ideas from the Polestar 5’s Precept concept, which is anticipated to enter production next year. Although Polestar has not yet made available the complete technical features and other information about the vehicle, it is believed to be based on the same 800V architecture as the Precept. The performance-focused powertrain initially seen in the five-door lift back will also be utilised. It will therefore have a dual-motor drivetrain with a maximum output of 884 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. The Polestar o2 Top Speed should reach 0-60 mph in a little under three seconds and have a top speed of about 155 mph.

Polestar 6 Interior

  • Unique Polestar Design
    • Innovating a new premium performance paradigm as an all-electric roadster, Polestar O2 expands on the design language started with Polestar Precept. a distinctive two-door convertible design that fuses art and technology. To experience performance at its most noiseless, remove the roof.
  • Improved Aerodynamics
    • Aerodynamically and aesthetically, the outside of the O2 has been significantly influenced by aerospace design. The O2 has rear lights that also function as air blades and integrated aero ducts in the wheel arches rather than using wacky wings or spoilers.

Polestar 6 Roadster

  • Unibody Bonded
    • Exceptionally light, stiff, and responsive. With a very favourable strength to weight ratio, the Polestar O2’s unibody is constructed from various grades of anodized aluminium that have been adhered together and oven cured. In addition to improving performance, bonded aluminium enables greater design freedom by accommodating various wheelbases while upholding Polestar’s trademark attention to detail and perfection.
  • Built to be recreated
    • Only a very small portion of the aluminium used in automobiles is downcycled; the remainder is recycled back to its original grade. Labeled aluminium is Polestar O2’s elegantly straightforward solution to this problem.

Chassis of the Polestar 6 Electric Roaster

The Polestar 6 Roadster is generating a lot of buzz not just because of its eye-catching design and potent drivetrain, but also because of the extraordinary chassis it is mounted on. The Polestar Electric Vehicle will sport a brand-new bonded aluminium unibody chassis, similar to the Polestar 5. Polestar understood that at the moment, only British manufacturers like Aston Martin and Lotus are known for this technology. As a result, Polestar’s UK plant is where the chassis is being built.

A bonded aluminium chassis has the advantages of being lightweight, sturdy, and giving designers the ability to develop distinctive body forms. By manufacturing the body and platform simultaneously, Polestar has created a new production technique to move the typically low volume use of this chassis to mass manufacture.

Polestar 6 Seats

A good indication was the enthusiastic response to the 2+2 electric roadster concept, the Polestar O2. The exhilaration of open-top electric performance and aerospace-inspired design is something that drivers want to embrace. We will therefore make the idea a reality with Polestar 6, which is scheduled to launch in 2026. Up to the anticipated introduction in 2026, more technical information and specification confirmations will be made public as the production car becomes a reality.

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