Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV Concept

The ” Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV,” a brand-new all-electric prototype from Volkswagen Group, is designed for long-distance mobility and is self-driving. The proposal will be unveiled by the German firm at Chantilly Arts & Elegance, which is close to Paris.

Gen.Travel offers “Mobility-as-a-Service” bookings and has a modular interior idea that can be altered to meet needs. The concept vehicle has a carrying capacity of up to four persons, depending on design.

Design And Interior

Flight Path

– The Volkswagen Gen.Travel is a self-driving concept car that the brand hopes will transform long-distance travel.

– This novel idea, in contrast to most self-driving cars, isn’t intended for usage in crowded cities. – Actually, it was made to transport people from A to B instead of using aeroplanes.

Flight Path

– Face-to-face seating and a worktable are included with the “business specification.” -The Volkswagen Gen.Travel is a Level 5 autonomous concept car, which brings us full circle. This implies that it is driverless and capable of doing anything.

it is only a futuristic prototype. It does, however, stand out. Its design and underlying concept are both pretty intriguing.