BMW M4 Facelift – Features, Specifications, Price and other details!

BMW is again in the news with its M4 facelift revelation. For this year, BMW has given a few upgrades and makeover to its M4. According to them, it is more powerful, more cool, and customizable. Read on to learn about the new BMW M4 facelift and its exciting features.

BMW M4 Facelift

The German manufacturer of automobiles BMW has unveiled its new BMW M4 facelift and created a buzz among automotive enthusiasts. As said by the company, the M4 series is been upgraded with some external and internal advancements, it is more techy and sporty now. 

Model Name BMW M4 facelift
Body type  Coupe, convertible
Brand  BMW
Transmission Manual
Drivetrain  Four-wheel-drive xDrive
Seating capacity
Airbags 6

It is a four-seater coupe & convertible developed by BMW with a four-wheel drive xDrive and manual transmission. The new additions to the 4 series are expected to launch this year in India.

Top changes in the features of the BMW M4 facelift 

Let’s explore what changes has BMW made in the 2024 M4 facelift model: 


  • The model is similar yet different from the previous one. The new model has added a new tail and headlights giving it a more classy and modern look than the previous one. 
  • There has been an addition of new alloy wheels of style 825 M. The company has kept the glass fiber bundle technology that is featured on limited BMW CSL models.
  • Apart from these, some minor but catchy changes such as an optional M design graphic and the black surrounding the roundel of BMW.


  • With exterior changes, the interior changes are quite good which makes it quite ambient. When you get in, you will be greeted with a dual-screen display for infotainment and required instruments.
  • The infotainment screen is around 14,9 inch and the instrument cluster is around 12.3 inch. 
  • The model has integrated or we can say extended the lightning to the area above central air vents. It gives the rider nine different colors that automatically respond to different functions such as phone calls, door opening, etc. 

Technological changes:

  • BMW has upgraded the software from 8.0 to 8.5 version, which boosts up the voice control for climate functions of the model from the previous one. 
  • It also allows the rider to function like seat heating, etc. The climate control system is now moved to the touch screen.


  • The 4-seater BMW M4 facelift is the first time wrapped up in MY Perfomtex material – a high-tech material used to reduce  CO2 emission.
  • The dynamic design of M material ensures a top-notch look and adds a sporty touch to the model.

BMW M4 Facelift Specifications 

Now, that we are aware of the features of the new BMW M4 facelift, let’s look into its specifications:


  • The dimensions of the BMW M4 facelift are around 4801 mm in length, 1399 mm in height, and 1887 in width.
  • If we see the wheelbase it’s around 2800mm giving enough room for the riders and passengers to move. 


  • The new BMW M4 is powered up by a 3-liter, twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, making it more powerful than the previous ones.
  • The power of the engine ranges from 375 kW to 390 kW with a torque of 650Nm and a top speed of 155mph.


  • The BMW M4 facelift with twin-turbo technology claims a 0-100 kmh sprint time of 3.5 sec, the same as the previous model. 
Dimensions 801 mm in length, 1399 mm in height, and 1887 in width
Accelerate 100 kmph in 3.5 seconds
Wheelbase  2800 mm
Engine 3-liter; Twin-turbo technology
Torque 650Nm

Price of the BMW M4 Facelift

The new version of the M4 facelift is expected to launch in the Indian market in the last quarter of the year.

And about the pricing of the model, the previous BMW M4 Competition is sold in India with a price of around Rs. 1.48 crore, so we can expect the same range or a little bit hike in the new version.

Remember, it’s an expected price, the real deal will vary according to the region and will be unveiled at the time of launch. 

The bottom line is the new version seems to have a few changes that keep the anticipation, but it will be exciting to see the views of previous model holders.

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