BYD Seal 06: Release Date, Specifications, Dimensions, Price, Dimensions 

BYD Seal 06 Rearview

The BYD Seal 06 is a plug-in hybrid sedan under the new seal family, which belongs to the Ocean Series. The cost of this vehicle is approx. Rs 60 lakhs, to check the specification and other details, stay tuned.

BYD Seal 06

The vehicle applied for market homologation for Seal 06 and the ministry of industry and information technology revealed soon.

Seal 06 is a premium vehicle and in front the PHEV adopts a very new design. Seal 06 depends on the DM-i hybrid platform and will come in 2 drivetrain variants with 120 kWh and 160kWh electric.

The battery will be a blade battery with Lithium ion phosphate chemistry from BYD’s subsidiary FinDreams. Seal 06 will be positioned under BYD Seal and Seal DM-I less or more on the same level as the recently revealed BYD Qin L.

Battery Capacity 82.5 kWh
Max Speed 200 Kmph
Charging Time 9 hours
Body Type Sedan
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Type Electric
Max Power 230 kWh
Max Torque  360 Nm
Architecture 800 V
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor 

 The BYD Seal 06 is a highly advanced and luxurious sedan which is going to be launched by the company on 14th Feb 2024.

BYD Seal 06

BYD Seal 06 Specifications


  • The BYD Seal 06 is a four door based sedan with a sloping roofline and character lines on the bonnet and doors.
  • Then the glossy black striking on the side and front lip along with the arrow-shaped inserts on the front bumper and on the side fenders puts highlight to its visual appeal. 
  •  Also there are massive, gloss black finished diffusers at the rear.
  • 18 inch alloy wheels are designed to be aerodynamic to decrease drag.


  • The cabin of the Seal 06 is filled with a massive and rotatable 15.6 inch touchscreen infotainment system, fully digital 10.25 inch instrument cluster and a coloured heads-up display.
  • Interior of this vehicle is based on a cream theme through a fixed full size panoramic sunroof and a three-spoke steering wheel.


  • The Seal is likely to be offered in a single top spec variant.
  • Advanced Cell Technology
  • BYD is the first vehicle where cell to body technology is executed, which fully integrates the BYD battery in the whole vehicle structure.
  • This leads to increased safety of vehicles. This is inspired by high strength honeycomb aluminium panel structure.
  • The CBT technology integrates the battery packs top cover with the traditional body floor structure.
  • The battery system volume utilization is increased by 66% and the system energy density is enhanced by 10%.
  • This up gradation also improves space efficiency.

Four Driving Modes:

The BYD Seal 06 offers 4 distinct driving modes, catering to a variety of driving preferences and conditions. Those modes are –

  • ECO mode prioritizes energy efficiency and extends the range of driving.
  • Normal mode provides a balanced driving experience for regular use.
  • Sport mode, emphasizing performance through effective acceleration and sharper handling.
  • Snow mode, this will assist the car for increasing stability and traction within slippery surfaces such as ice or snow.
  • ITAC (Intelligent Torque Adaption Control)
  • Due to the increased recognition and modification in adjustment techniques ITAC easily integrates the vehicle’s own state as well as the driver’s horizontal and vertical control requirements.
  • Advanced power distribution and adjustment fully using the vehicle’s power potential, improving safety performance and driving comfort and widening the handling limits.

BYD Seal 06 Range

The range of this sedan car is around 700 Km which is highly good for customers. Due to this both raider and passengers are able to enjoy their travelling long distances.

BYD Seal 06 Dimensions

Length 4830 mm
Width 1875 mm
Height 1495 mm
Wheelbase 2790 mm
Curb weight 1660 kg or 1775 kg

There is an abundance of safety and high-tech driver assistance features as standard equipment in BYD Seal. Adaptive and intelligent cruise control are responsible for increasing positive driving experience at a higher rate. 

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