BH’ Bharat Number Series Registration, Number Plate, Step by Step

New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles

This post was originally published on September 29, 2022.

The Department of Roads, Transportation, and Highways recently announced a new series of numbers called the New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles marked “BH” to facilitate vehicle movement.

BH’ Bharat Number Series

According to the Ministry of Transport, vehicles with this registration plate will not need to issue a new registration plate when the vehicle owner moves from one state to another. The move is the result of a series of citizen-centered steps and IT solutions for vehicle registration by the government.

However, one of the main points in the vehicle registration procedure, which still requires attention, is the re-registration of the vehicle upon transition to another state.

We’ll talk about the benefits and application process of the new series, as well as who can apply it to the similar numbering in our series. Everything you need to know.

What exactly BH Number Series mean?

The BH series is a newly introduced series of vehicle registration numbers across India, specially designed for car owners who frequently move from one state to another due to the portable nature of their work.

BH stands for Bharat and replaces the status symbols on the license plate that indicate the registration status of the vehicle, such as UP or DL.

BH series license plates will now apply to private vehicles, which means they will have a white background with black numbers.

For a regular car, road tax must be paid for 15 years, while for the BH series, road tax will only be paid for 2 years, after which the owner of the car can relocate to another state and pay the applicable vehicle tax of the new state.

New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles

Who can apply to participate in the New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles?

The BH Series Vehicle Registration Center will be open to defense personnel, central government officials, state governments, central / state PSUs, and private sector companies/organizations.

have offices in five or more states/union territories, as employees of these services have jobs that can be transferred from one state to another every 23 years.

How to Read Number Plate

How to Read Number Plate?

The new serial number plate will have the format YY BH #### XX where

  • YY represents the year of the first registration

  • BH represents the Bharat serial code

  • #### representing the word number from 0000 to 9999 (random)

  • XX means the alphabet (from AA to ZZ).

Process Not Using BH Series Mark:

  • Without a BH series mark, every time vehicle owners change to a new state, they must first obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the parent state in order to obtain a newly registered trademark in the new state.
  • Then, in order to obtain a newly registered trademark, the user must pay a new rate of state road tax.
  • The user will be required to claim road tax reimbursement in the country of origin, which is a complex process and varies from state to state.

Advantages of New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles?

The relocation of the station affected both civil servants and employees of the private sector.

Such actions give employees an uncomfortable feeling about the transfer of registration from the parent state to another, as required by Section 47 of the Automobile Act 1988.

Although a person can store a vehicle for 12 months in any state other than the one in which it was originally registered, the new registration must be completed in the new state register within 12 months. With the new line of insurance vehicles, the motor vehicle tax will be applied for two years, or in multiples of two years.

This scheme will facilitate the free movement of private vehicles in any state in India after moving to a new state.

In addition, when a car is resold, new state registration is required, since it is very difficult to find a new owner in a new state with a vehicle with old state registration. The new vehicle range will also facilitate the transfer of ownership of used vehicles.

‘BH Bharat Number Series for Vehicles

How to use BH series Plate?

Step 1: The vehicle owner submits an application for a new license plate with the RTO indicating the origin of the vehicle and provides a government-issued ID that confirms employment.

Step 2: The owner will only pay road tax for 2 years or a multiple of two, such as 4 or 6 years, depending on his or her stay in the state where the car was purchased.

Step 3: Previously, a Certificate of No Objection was required from the parent state to designate a newly registered trademark in another state. With the new BH line and no state involvement, no NOC is required and owners can directly apply to re-apply in the new state.

Step 4: Government taxes will now apply and owners can wait until the end of the previous deadline to apply for a new one.

Step 5: However, if the new owner does not renew the RC within this period, he will be fined under the MV Act if the vehicle is detained by the traffic police.

Step 6: Refunds also apply if the owner wishes to pay sugar tax in the new state and still has time from the old state. In this case, an application for a road tax refund must be made in the country of origin.

Other changes made by the Ministry of Road Transport

The New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles is the latest reform carried out by a central ministry. Last year, they required all vehicles sold in India prior to April 2019 to have a High-Security License (HSRP). Likewise, it turns out that electronically certified vehicle documents will not be required for verification.

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