Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV Concept, Design, Images

Volkswagen's Gen.Travel EV

The ” Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV,” a brand-new all-electric prototype from Volkswagen Group, is designed for long-distance mobility and is self-driving. The proposal will be unveiled by the German firm at Chantilly Arts & Elegance, which is close to Paris. Volkswagen is requesting that the next generation travel in an innovative vehicle (IEV). The company claims that the concept cars provide a look at future mobility and will have Level 5 autonomous technology. Additionally, VW asserts that the Gen.Travel prototype is intended to compete with short-haul flights.

  • The Volkswagen Gen.Travel is a self-driving concept car that the brand hopes will transform long-distance travel.
  • This novel idea, in contrast to most self-driving cars, isn’t intended for usage in crowded cities.
  • Actually, it was made to transport people from A to B instead of using aeroplanes.
  • The design is intended to be both roomy and cosy.
  • The fact that it has gullwing doors but no B-pillars makes it much simpler to enter.
  • Additionally, the seats entirely flatten out and there is no steering wheel.
  • Face-to-face seating and a worktable are included with the “business specification.”
  • The Volkswagen Gen.Travel is a Level 5 autonomous concept car, which brings us full circle. This implies that it is driverless and capable of doing anything.

Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV

The Gen.Travel is what Volkswagen refers to be an innovation experience vehicle (IEV). The business claims that the concept car provides a vision for future mobility and that it receives Level 5 autonomous technology. VW further asserts that the Gen.Travel prototype is designed for. to serve as a substitute for short-haul flights.

 Gen.Travel EV

The head of Volkswagen Group Design, Klaus Zecora, states that “General Travel gives us a view into the future of travel. It demonstrates what future autonomous driving will entail. The innovative design of Beyond Tomorrow, for Tomorrow’s Mobility, is embodied in Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV.

Extremely distinctive design defines effective shaping. Thus, “Form Follows Function” becomes “Form Follows Freedom” in an era of technological advancement and virtually endless options. Automobiles won’t just get better; they’ll also get more entertaining.

Design and Interior

Gen.Travel offers “Mobility-as-a-Service” bookings and has a modular interior idea that can be altered to meet needs. The concept vehicle has a carrying capacity of up to four persons, depending on design. The two chairs can be made into two beds that can fold completely flat when used as a sleeping arrangement.

Volkswagen's Gen.Travel EV


With its Active Suspension eABC (Electric Active Body Control), the Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV, according to Volkswagen, anticipates vertical and lateral movements like acceleration, braking, and cornering and adjusts to the driver’s style and trajectory accordingly. Is. The business also claims that the illumination in the vehicle has an impact on melatonin production, assisting passengers in naturally falling asleep and waking up.

Level 5 autonomy is still science fiction, it should be noted. However, to produce new concept cars, automakers are already experimenting with this technology. There won’t be a commercial model of the Volkswagen’s Gen.Travel EV anytime soon; it is only a futuristic prototype. It does, however, stand out. Its design and underlying concept are both pretty intriguing.

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