Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500 Launch, Specification, Price

The Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500 is a premium class motorcycle developed by Baja Auto Limited in collaboration with international firms such as Triumph and KTM. Bajaj Auto Limited is collaborating with Triumph Motorcycles to launch some of the country’s most premium motorcycles, including the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500. Bajaj Auto Limited will debut its 500 CC bike in the Indian market under the new brand “Twinner.” Everything you need to know about the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500, including the expected price, bike images, and the launch date is here.

Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500

Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500 is one of the most-awaited motorcycles in India right now. The Bajaj Auto Limited has applied for a new trademark “Twinner” on 22 May 2022 and it has been approved as per the reports. The bike is likely to hit the Indian market in 2022 and there are a lot of expectations for this motorcycle.

Since Bajaj Auto Limited has collaborated with Triumph Motorcycles and KTM, they have been working on various new bikes including the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500. Apart from the “Twinner” trademark, Bajaj Limited has also applied for a few other trademarks such as “Fluor, “Neuron”, and “Fluir”. 

Bike Name Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500
Company Name Bajaj Auto Limited
Engine 500 cc
In Association with Triumph and KTM
Launch Date Late 2022 (Expected)
Expected Price 3.5 Lakh (ex-showroom)
Trademark Apply Date 22 May 2022

The Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500 is titled “Twinner” which basically means the one who can bear twins. As far as the bike specifications are concerned, then the Twinner 500 is likely to launch with a 2-cylinder engine. This is what makes the fans more exciting about the bike. 

Apart from the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500, there are several other motorcycles that Bajaj Auto Limited is working on. The brand will launch more new and premium bikes in the upper segment with 2-cylinder engines. 

Bajaj will launch bikes ranging from 490 CC to 650 CC for the upper segment in the market. Below, find out more information on the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500CC expected price, images, launch date, and more.

Pulsar Twinner 500CC Motorcycle Specs

According to the reports, as of now, there is nothing to know about the bike. The specifications have not been released by Bajaj Auto Limited. The bike will come with 2 cylinders and a 500CC engine, apart from this there is no other information about the Bajaj Twinner bike specifications.

Moreover, as the bike will be a premium segment bike, you can expect some premium features as well. For instance, you can expect high-quality disc breaks, maybe an LED display, and other such premium features. More details will be released very soon.

Bajaj Twinner 500 Expected Price

When it comes to the Bajaj Twinner 500 expected price, then it is likely to be more than 3.5 Lakhs. The bike will target the premium bike segment, so it will be released at a 3.5 lakh price. 

Apart from the Twinner, there are other bikes that will hit the Indian market by late 2022 or early 2023 which will consist of most premium bikes from Bajaj. For instance, the new bikes from Bajaj will be ranging from a 490 CC to a 650 CC engine. 

The Bajaj bikes with 650 CC engines will target professional riders and bike lovers. Whereas, the lower segment bikes will target normal users with lower budgets. All the upcoming bikes will come in collaboration with Triumph Motorcycles and KTM.

Bajaj Pulsar 500CC Bike Images

The Bajaj Pulsar 500CC bike images have not been revealed by Bajaj Auto Limited as of now. However, the images are expected to be released by June 2022. Moreover, the brand will start testing the bike the next month. However, this news has not been confirmed as of now.

The bike will hit the market very soon, so you can expect the Bajaj Pulsar 500CC Bike images very soon. As Bajaj is collaborating with Triumph and KTM motorcycles, so you can expect a better look for the bikes. As per the information, the bike is likely to be released with a sporty look. 

Bajaj Twinner 500 Launch Date in India

The Bajaj Twinner 500 Launch date in India is to be late 2022. But you can expect the bike a bit early as well. The brand will start testing the bike the very next month. If the testing goes well, you can expect the bike within this year.

The Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500 doesn’t have an official launch date as of now, but it is likely to hit the market between June and December 2022. The bike will give tough competition to other bike brands in the premium segment.

So, this was all about the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500. Hopefully, you will appreciate our approach and you will get all the information you need regarding the Bajaj Pulsar Twinner 500cc bike. If you still have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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