2022 Zero SR Motorcycle unveiled with upgraded technology

2022 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle

Zero unveiled its latest 2022 Zero SR electric motorcycle this morning, along with major announcements of new batteries and other tech upgrades to a gathering of reporters in Lower Manhattan this morning.  The new Zero SR and updated battery technology mark the biggest update to the Zero line in years.

2022 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle

The first big reveal of the morning came in the form of a new battery for the Zero 2022 SR, SR/F, and SR/S e-bikes.

The new battery is optionally available 14.4+ kWh or 15.6+ kWh, the “plus” indicating that the packs can effectively be unlocked by software to release full capacity up to 17.3 kWh of capacity. This on-demand battery capacity software upgrade remembers Tesla’s software-limited batteries and marks the first time this option has been offered in the electric motorcycle industry.

The 17.3 kWh option is the largest battery offered by Zero to date and can be further expanded with the addition of a Power Tank accessory. This option, which will be available next spring, replaces the glove box in the fake gas tank and instead increases the battery capacity to 20.9 kWh. The range of a Zero SR/F or SR/S with the Power Tank will be 227 miles (365 km) in the city and 113 miles (182 km) when driving at 70 mph (112 km / h).

Although the capacity of the batteries has increased, the weight of the packages has actually decreased by about 6 pounds (2.72 kg). This also includes hardware additions such as cooling fans that upgrade the passive air cooling of previous generations to active air cooling.

Zero also unveiled its new Cypher III + operating system and smartphone app. New software enables application-based updates, including increased battery capacity and other performance and feature upgrades. The new Cypher III + operating system will be standard on all 2022 SR/F, SR/S, and SR bikes. The list of features and updates that will be available through the app in early 2022 include: faster charging, extended battery life, increased speed and performance, on-dash GPS navigation, heated grips, and parking mode, which adds a reverse function to facilitate parking.

2022 Zero SR Unveiled

The updates were highlighted together on one bike with the unveiling of the new 2022 Zero SR electric motorcycle. The new model is built on the trellis frame of the flagship Zero and comes with Zero’s ZF7510 motor, first introduced on the Zero SR/F. It is software stuck on the 55 kW SR. (74 hp) with a top speed of 167 km/h (104 mph).

Riders can take advantage of software updates unlockable through the app to take full advantage of the performance and functionality of the bike to achieve SR / F equivalent speeds and power levels.

The engine is actually capable of 82 kW (110 hp) and can reach a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h).

The new Zero SR 2022 will be priced at $ 17,995 when it becomes available for purchase in the first quarter of 2022. New technology unveiled this morning follows Zero’s recent summer launch of the new FXE platform, an urban electric motorcycle. lightweight designed for commuters. We recently reviewed the 80+ mph (130 km/h) electric motorcycle and found it to be an exciting ride that was both sporty enough for experienced riders and affordable enough for new riders.

While it doesn’t have the power or scale of the new 2022 Zero SR, it’s much more affordable at $ 11,795. All of these prices come before federal and state incentives, which can add up to over $ 1,000 in savings.

The new battery technology has been eagerly awaited, so it’s great to see Zero continue to increase capacity. The movement blocked by the software is interesting and I see arguments for and against the model.

On the one hand, this allows riders to buy a higher spec bike for a lower price up front, and then improve performance, speed, battery capacity, and other features later as you go. as the funds become available.

On the other hand, if you never plan on leveling up, you’re walking around with extra weight that you don’t really need.

Then again, if you never upgrade battery capacity, you probably aren’t using the upper end of the battery or much of the lower end, which means your battery will likely last a lot longer in operation using longer load ranges.

Maybe it’s worth the extra dozen pounds out there. The decision to move the SR to the SR/F platform is also interesting. Again, there are pros and cons. But the fact that it saves cyclists around $ 2,000 to access the flagship bike platform cannot be overlooked.

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