Vinfast Electric Car Price in India, Launching, Features

Vinfast Electric Car

Vinfast e34 is open for order deliveries to national customers from December. In this article, we are discussing Vinfast Electric Car Price in India as well as various other features and specifications of the V e34. Vinfast has also created a joint venture with ProLogium of Taiwan for the production of SolidState EV batteries. By 2022, VinFast also plans to export high-end electric car models in the D and E segments.

Vinfast Electric car Price in India

Vinfast VF e34 Electric Car Debuts In Vietnam with a price of 690m VND. This means Vinfast Electric car Price in India would be around Rs. 21.6 lakhs. The VF e34 uses a 42-kWh battery which provides a range of 300 km when fully charged. Vietnamese automotive startup, VinFast is currently developing a range of premium electric vehicles. It is announced the global launch of Vietnam’s first electric car, called the e34. Priced at VND 690 million (US $ 29,819 / Rs.21,63,174).

VF e34 Features

VF e34, introduced in advance this yr on Jan 21 beneath the code call VF31 is a C phase electric-powered car.  Early clients who had bookings previous to June 30, 2021 can take benefit of unique pricing at 590 million VND (US$25,496 / Rs.18,49,679) at the side of a 1 yr free battery subscription.

This new electric car in Vietnam is 4,300mm long, 1,793mm wide and 1,613mm high with a wheelbase of 2,611mm. It has a ground clearance of 180 mm and a total curb weight of 1490 kg.

Vinfast Electric Car

Comes with several driver-oriented features as well as remote software updates, remote customer support, emergency rescue services with the location of the nearest charging station and authorized dealers, battery state tracking, vehicle operating history and theft alerts.

The E34 is powered by an electric motor and uses a 42 kWh battery which produces 110 kW of power and 242 Nm of torque and offers a range of 300 km when fully charged. It receives the MacPherson front suspension and the rear suspension via a torsion bar. VinFast offers a 10-year warranty with VF e34. Users must pay a monthly battery charge of US $ 62 per month for a travel distance of 1400 kg.

Vinfast Electric Car Dashboard

Unlike the sale of conventional battery-powered cars, VinFast is also entering into the battery rental service. 

This will benefit the customers as VinFast will bear all the risks related to the quality and life of the battery, and if the battery receives less than 70% charge, it can be replaced with a new battery.

The battery can be recharged at the owner’s home or at VinFast charging stations, 15 minutes of charging will allow you to travel 180 km. VinFast is installing fast-charging stations in Vietnam. The company is targeting around 40,000 electric car charging points in 63 provinces and cities by the end of this year.

Vinfast Electric Car Interior

The Global Automotive Brand

VinFast is on its way to becoming a global technological automotive brand. After only 3 years of operation, starting in 2017, the company has planed three models of intelligent electric vehicles: VF31, VF32, and VF33 and are receiving orders from global markets from the end of 2021.

Each of these models will be equipped with intelligence artificial and advanced sports features and will mark a milestone for the company in its quest to become a global manufacturer of intelligent electric vehicles.

The V e34 will be running in India soon. The VinFast electric car price in India is expected to be 21.6 lakhs. Stay tuned to know more about the V e34 launch in India.

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