BMW i Vision AMBY, Top Speed 300km p/h, Specs

BMW 300kmph bike

In BMW electric bike 300km p/h while customers of the BMW i Vision AMBY ought to continuously pedal so as to enjoy the help of the electrical power system, BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY speeds up through a throttle grip.

  • The BMW i Vision Amby is a high-speed electric bike that requires a helmet, registration number and license to travel at higher speeds.
  • BMW Vision Amby can adjust the top speed manually or via geolocation.
  • The BMW Motorrad Vision Amby looks like a bicycle, but it is actually a motorcycle.

BMW Electric Bike 300km p/h

With the BMW i Vision AMBY, the primary high-speed pedelec for urbanists, the BMW Group is providing a visionary two-wheeled answer for the city mobility of tomorrow. From the outside, the BMW i Vision AMBY seems much like an e-bike; however, it gives considerably extra possibilities.

It is one of five concept vehicles in which the BMW Group presented its vision of personal mobility in and around cities at the IAA Mobility event.

Under the unified umbrella of e-mobility, digital technology and sustainability, five innovative concepts create a combination of versatile two- and four-wheel mobility, driven by sustainability and comprehensively meeting a wide range of mobility needs.

BMW i Vision AMBY Specs

Battery: 2000 Wh
Charging hours: 3 hours (quick charge)
Vmod1: up to 25km / h / 15.5 mph
Vmod2: up to 45km / h / 28 mph
Vmodmax: up to 60km / h / 37 mph
Wheelbase: 1160 mm (frame size M / L)
Suspension: 120 mm front and rear
Weight: approximate 30 Kg
Range: 300+ km / 186+ miles (up to 25 km / h / 15.5 mph Vmax) 180 km / 112 miles (up to 45 km / h / 28 mph Vmax) 75 km / 47 miles (up to 60 km / h / 37 mph Vmax)

BMW i Vision AMBY And BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

AMBY is a neologism for “adaptive mobility”. The BMW i Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY Vision Vehicles interpret the primary concept of adaptive city mobility on wheels in extraordinary ways.

The motors are each equipped with an electric powered power gadget with 3 velocity rankings for extraordinary forms of roads.

The transmission allows speeds of up to 25 km / h (15.5 mph) on cycle paths, up to 45 km / h (28 mph) on city-center roads, and up to 60 km / h (37 mph) on multi-lane highways and out of town square.

However, higher speeds require a corresponding license plate and insurance number.

While customers of the BMW i Vision AMBY high-velocity pedelec should continuously pedal that allows you to enjoy the help of the electrical pressure system, the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY quickens through a throttle grip/throttle lever and has motorcycle-fashion footrests in place of pedals.

The modes available to the driver are stored in the smartphone application associated with the AMBY video vehicle.

The BMW Group is therefore demonstrating its enthusiasm to continue to participate in the urban mobility debate, even as these cities offer cars in the coming years and the space to operate is getting smaller and smaller.

BMW 300kmph bike

Classification for BMW electric bike 300km p/h

“Everywhere you look, the categories that seem to have been created are being destroyed, and that’s a good thing. Later categories such as “cars”, “bicycles” and “motorcycles”. Will not determine the nature of the product, which we think,” explains Werner Haumayr, vice president of design for the BMW Group.

“Instead, this model change gives us the opportunity to adapt the product to people’s lifestyles, as we can see with the high-speed BMW i Vision AMBY model. This vehicle occupies the space between bicycles and light motorcycles and allows our customers to make their own decisions. the roads or routes they want to take to cross the city. They have the greatest possible flexibility in pedaling and retaining their shape. The modes and smart route selection are designed to make it one of the fastest journeys around city-wide options. “

The BMW Group sees the BMW i Vision AMBY as an attractive vehicle of the future in major cities.

As a second family car or a stepping stone into the world of electric two-wheelers with pedals, BMW i Vision AMBY offers an incredibly wide range of applications. It greatly expands the range of use of a conventional e-bike with intelligent technology including three riding modes.

BMW Vision amby

BMW Vision i Amby Design

The design of BMW Vision i Amby is defined by lightness and strong sportiness. And every detail promises that it is more capable than a regular electric bike construction.

  • The frame is larger and the seal is more durable and stable in every way.
  • Modern forms of the frame feel like a mixture between a racing bike and an electric sports bike.

  • The top tube of the frame, made from four sculpted aluminum profiles, is a modern and expressive statement, not just a visual representation.

  •  A slight curve in its design emphasizes dynamism.
  •  The space between the profiles also provides space for a backpack or laptop bag.
  • Directly in front of the steering wheel is a smartphone-integrated pad that magnetically holds the device in place and provides clear visibility.
  • The battery is located in the center of the chassis, and its 2000 Wh power provides a range of up to 300 km (186 miles), depending on the driving mode.
  • With fast charging technology, it charges in just three hours.
  • The power supply unit located next to the pedal and also black in color, helps only when the pedal is rotated.

Power is transmitted via toothed belts and maintenance-free drives integrated into the transmission. A sophisticated single-sided swingarm, exclusive to BMW Motorrad, connects the rear wheel to the frame.

Front and rear suspension travel of 120 mm is ideal for all applications in and around the city at speeds up to 60 km / h (37 mph). 27.5-inch wheels are fitted with larger and wider tires for exceptional comfort and safety, even at high speeds.

The design of the handlebar body as part of the frame looks very technical and high quality. A thin horizontal LED strip is integrated into the wide handlebar and underlines the technical and stylish look of this frame.

Likewise, completely incorporated brakes and internally routed cables set the seal at the charisma of technical modernity overlaying the handlebar area. The vertical LED rear mild is incorporated into the seat post. Below it, an e-ink show indicates the using mode in use.

The center fixed rear wheel can be easily removed for optimal transport. The front suspension fork can also be removed in the classic way using screws.

The result is a compact design. The battery can also be disassembled and stored separately, which helps to reduce the weight of the load.

Focus on Sustainability

Pedal-powered two-wheelers bring many benefits to urban areas as a vehicle in terms of zero-emission functionality, development of transport zones and energy efficiency only because of their basic concept.

The two-wheeled BMW i Vision AMBY is also part of the circular economy concept for the BMW i Vision Circular, which also celebrates its debut at the IAA 2021 Mobility Show.

It can be clearly seen that the frame is made of the same anodized secondary aluminum as the main body of the BMW i Vision Circular.

Smartphones act as a key to bike

Users can high the BMW i Vision AMBY for use, load their saved licence training and follow the desired stage of coverage cowl on call for the use of a mainly advanced app.

The app consequently takes at the function historically finished with the aid of using a vehicle key.

It makes use of acquainted telephone identity functionality (e.g. facial recognition) withinside an equal manner because the Digital Key, which changed into added with the aid of using the BMW Group in an automobile enterprise first and turns a well matched iPhone right into a virtual vehicle key with the aid of using permitting clients to unlock, lock and, of course, begin their BMW correctly and easily.

Other basic functions and status queries (e.g., current and planned rates) are also available, for example when using the BMW app.

Geofencing Technology performs an imperative role

Instead of the consumer selecting the driving mode themselves, geofencing technology – in mixture with the distinct HERE map service – is capable of create the applicable parameters for routinely putting the rate mode (25/ 45/ 60 km/h [15.5/ 28/ 37 mph]) and corresponding coverage cover.

This geofencing era permits the automobile to realize the kind of avenue getting used and routinely adjusts the most authorized pace accordingly.

This approach the BMW i Vision AMBY can flip from a pedelec into an S-pedelec-kind automobile or maybe one much like a motorcycle.

Manual mode manage is, of course, additionally furnished as a way to provide the person most freedom on the subject of the usage of the numerous styles of route.

However, the wise era guarantees the applicable visitors and protection policies are nonetheless saved to in any respect times. The mode engaged is proven at the show the usage of e-ink era – this makes it clean for different street customers to discover the mode activated/selected.

A proximity radar in BMW electric bike 300km p/h running over a variety of as much as a hundred and forty m offers the person a visible and acoustic warning (through the app) of vehicles drawing close from the rear, and rounds off the variety of viable protection features.

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