TATA Yodha 2.0 Price in India, Mileage, Specifications, Interior

TATA Yodha 2.0

Price Rs. 9,99,000/- TATA Motors has introduced the TATA Yodha 2.0, an updated version of the Yodha and the Intra. In India, the TATA Yodha 2.0 Price in India Rs. 9.99 Lakh. The Yodha 2.0 closely resembles the original TataMobile while also adhering to the new-generation Tata design ethos. It has a three-piece metal bumper and a purposeful appearance from the front. It had a 2200 cc, 100 horsepower engine.

  • Yodha 2.0 has the largest rated payload capacity of 2000 kg and the finest off-road performance in its class.
  • Includes a thorough three-year, three lakh mile warranty.
  • Yodha 2.0 is available in a variety of configurations, including a crew-cab model.
  • Additional options, including an AC and even a 4×4, are available.

TATA Yodha 2.0 Price in India

In the Indian market, Tata Motors provides a variety of private vehicles. The corporation still has a stronghold in the commercial sector, though. In addition to HCVs, the business also sells a variety of LCVs, including the Tata Intra and the wildly popular Tata Ace and Yodha series. The company has now released improved versions of the Yodha and the Intra, here is how TATA Yodha 2.0 performs. The.

A 2.2-liter DI diesel engine with very basic torque tuning powers the Yodha 2.0. The motor produces 250Nm of torque and 99bhp. The rear wheels receive power through a 5-speed gearbox. Tata offers power steering, but neither airbags nor anti-lock brakes are in the horizon.

Tata Yodha 2.0 Specifications

Number of Tyre 4
Power 98 hp
GVW 2990 kg
Mileage 30 kmpl
Engine 2200 cc
Fuel Tank 3 Ltr
Payload 1230 Kgs
Chassis Type Chassis with Cabin

Yodha 2.0  Exterior

Yodha 2.0 gains more aggressive body lines, a strengthened chassis, a three-piece metallic bumper with stone guard, and a metallic fender assembly. Along with side and rear underside protection, it also has an anti-roll bar in the front. With 16-inch wheels and 210 mm of ground clearance, it is perfect for hauling stuff through hazardous terrain.

Yodha 2.0 Interior

Yodha 2.0  Interior

Although the Yodha 2.0’s interior is more functional than comfortable, it is not at all subpar when compared to other business cars. On the right side, directly close to the entrance, is where you’ll find the parking brake.

There are a lot of storage choices for the single-piece dash, and the dual-pod instrument panel is a rather basic design. Although one would anticipate that a business vehicle would lack many luxuries, it does have an optional air conditioning unit.

TATA Yodha 2.0

Yodha 2.0  Performance

The 2.2 litre DI diesel engine that powers the Yodha 2.0 is more than generously calibrated to be able to handle the bulk of its two tonnes of payload. The engine has a 5-speed transmission and generates 99 horsepower and 25.4 kgm of torque. Tata also asserts that it has a grade ability of 30%, which is the highest.

Yodha 2.0 Pickup Dimensions

Additionally, there are 1200, 1500, and 1700 kg rated payload variants for the Yodha, as well as 44 and 42 layouts, single cab, and crew cab options. A thorough warranty of three years and three lakh miles is also included. Priced at Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom), the Tata Yodha 2.0 HVAC is less expensive than the Yodha EX Crew Cab with AC, which retail price in India is for Rs 10.74 lakh (ex-showroom).

Overall Length (mm) 5350
Overall Width (mm) 1860
Overall Height (mm) 1810
Ground Clearance (mm) 210
Wheelbase (mm) 3150 mm

 Tata Yodha 2.0 Key features

  • Maximum rated payload: 2000kg
  • Powered by 2.2L diesel engine with 250Nm torque
  • 30% grade-ability
  • Rugged appearance has been updated with metallic bumper and fender.

The new Yodha 2.0 can traverse even the most difficult terrain with ease thanks to its robust components, enabling smooth and quick cargo movement in far-flung regions of the nation. Along with other useful improvements, the Yodha 2.0 has a redesigned appearance with tough aesthetics, the “Trust Bar” hallmark of Tata, and a beautiful grille.

Moreover, Tata Motors has displayed its new lineup of Commercial pickups including the Intra V20 bi-fuel and Intra V50 that costs Rs. 8,67,000/- and the Tata Yodha 2.0 price in India starting at Rs. 9,99,000/-. These commercial vehicles will set a new benchmark for all their competitors.

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