TATA Harrier EV – Top Features, Specifications and Price!

TATA Motors showcased their all-electric Harrier SUV at the Bharat Mobility Show, in New Delhi. With this reveal, TATA is strengthening the EV automobile sector of India. The Harrier SUV was first introduced at the Auto Expo of 2023 and since then it has been in talks, now with its expected launch next year, it is back in the limelight.

TATA Harrier EV

Harrier EV is an all-wheel-drive vehicle, making a bold and powerful statement. This TATa model offers a spectacular exterior appearance and design which is quite captivating. It is based on a brand new Acti. EV platform that will allow makers to offer fast charging capabilities.

Model Name TATA Harrier EV 
Body type  SUV
Brand  TATA
Vehicle Type C2- segment 
Based on  New Acti.EV platform
Transmission Automatic
Drivetrain  All-wheel-drive (AWD)
Seating capacity 5
Airbags 6
Global NCAP Safety rating 5 star

TATA Harrier EV with 5 seating capacity extends its heritage to Gen 2 EV models, thriving an extraordinary SUV with automatic transmission, which is powerful, bold, and equipped with top advanced features to provide the best riding experience.

Top Features of TATA Harrier EV

Soon TATA will be launching the HArrier EV with many advanced features. It would be exciting to see what TATA has stored for us, so without any delay let’s dig into the features of TATA Harrier EV: 


  • The Harrier EV showcased at the Expo was in an attractive & bold green color. In appearance, it seemed dynamic, elegant, and quite a peculiar SUV.
  • TATA has kept it similar to its ICE counterpart but with some distinctive elements like aero-designed alloy wheels, a revised front bumper with vertical slats, a front grille, etc. 
  • Its coupe-like silhouette is eye-catching and reflects the lifestyle of the users. It is characterized by a two-tone roof and windows that are adorned with brightness. 


  • It is engineered on the OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) architecture, a modular platform that TATA utilizes for some of its models.
  • It comes from the redesigned version of the legendary Land Rover D8 that provides better safety, handling, and enhanced riding quality.


  • It will be more spacious compared to its ICE version. The SUV is equipped with two screens including one touchscreen and another digital instrument cluster.
  • The model follows the Level 2 ADAS, meaning particle driving automation, the driver can control the steering, deceleration, and acceleration. 
  • It is going to have a new steering wheel just like the Punch EV and Nexon EV, ventilated seats in front, an AWD switch, and a center console with physical and touch buttons.

TATA Harrier EV Specifications

Now that we have pondered upon the features of the HArrier EV let’s move on to its specifications to know it better:


  • The exact dimensions are not revealed yet, but we can expect it to be 4590 mm in length, 1700mm in height, and 1890 mm in width. The wheelbase is expected to be around 2740mm.
  • The vehicle will provide quite enough legroom and shoulder room for riders and passengers making it quite a spacious SUV.


  • It is expected to have a 50-70 kWh battery. The charging time in a Level 3 charger plug-in is 30 minutes, however, it varies on the level of the charger. 
  • Since it is based on OMEGA architecture, it is expected to have a larger battery backup than Nexon. 


  • With a 50-70 kWh battery, Harrier EV can take to 400-500 km range when it is fully charged.  


  • The Harrier EV consists of a dual-motor system that generates more than 270 hp. Its capabilities can be enhanced in the future considering the TATA has a great track record.  
Dimensions 4590mm in length, 1700mm in height, and 1890 mm in width (Expected)
Range  400-500km 
Wheelbase  2740mm (expected)
Battery 50-70 KWh
Horsepower 272hp

Price of TATA Harrier EV

We can expect it to be in the Indian market in 2025 with a price of Rs 30 lakh onwards. However, it’s just a speculation deal will be open on its launch. 

TATA keeps its name continuously making a great evolution in the automotive industry of India. Models like Harrier EV and other electric cars that are in the portfolio of TATA for 2025 will keep India in front of the EV vehicle sector. Hope this information comes in handy for you to know what TATA is brewing with Harrier EV.

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