2024 TATA Punch EV – Features, Price and Variants, Mileage, Specifications 


The price of the 2024 TATA Punch EV is from Rs 10.99 lakh to 15.49 lakh (introductory ex-showroom pan India. The 2024 TATA Punch EV is now available in five variants with different prices. Due to this customers are able by the car as per their own budget and choice. 

2024 TATA Punch EV

2024 TATA Punch EV is one of the best and most luxurious vehicles which is made by engineers of TATA Company. During the time of developing this vehicle organisation is highly focused on using environmentally friendly engines and enhancing performance.

2024 TATA Punch EV Colour availability 
  • Fearless Red Dual Tone 
  • Daytona Grey Dual Tone 
  • Seaweed Dual Tone 
  • Pristine White Dual Tone
  • Empowered Oxide Dual Tone

In this vehicle various advanced specifications are put by the engineers of TATA for providing better experience to customers at the time of driving their car. Some of the specifications which are available in this vehicle are advanced connectivity, infotainment system, Navigation system, etc.  

2024 TATA Punch EV Features

Charging Time  3.6-5 hours 
Engine Type  1.2 L Revotron Engine 
Gear box  5 Speed AMT 
Transmission  Automatic 
Max power  120.69bhp 
Battery Capacity  23-35 kWh
Max Torque  190 Nm 
Range  315-421 km 
Seating Capacity  5
Boot Space  366 Litres 
Body Type  SUV 
Ground Clearance  190 mm

2024 TATA Punch EV Prices 

Punch EV Smart  Rs 10.99 Lakh
Punch EV Smart Plus  Rs 11.49 Lakh 
Punch EV Adventure  Rs 11.99 Lakh
Punch EV Adventure S Rs 12.49 Lakh 
Punch EV Empowered  Rs 12.79 Lakh 

2024 TATA Punch EV Engine 

The engine used by the company in this vehicle is a 1.2 L revotron engine which is highly advanced. This kind of engine will assist the EV to enhance its speed and efficiency effectively. 

2024 TATA Punch EV Mileage 

The company claimed ARAI mileage of 2024 TATA Punch EV is between 315 Km and 421 Km depending on the variant, while the real-world range varies depending on the environmental conditions. 

2024 TATA Punch EV Specifications 

Some of the major specifications of this vehicle are given below –


  • This vehicle is equipped with advanced connectivity features allowing users to remotely monitor and control various aspects of the vehicle through a smartphone. 
  • This includes checking the status of the battery, pre-conditioning the cabin temperature, etc. 

Infotainment System 

  • This vehicle has an advanced infotainment system with a touchscreen, support for smartphone integration and voice recognition features. 

Navigation System 

  • Integration navigation system with real-time traffic updates and electric vehicle specific features like displaying nearby charging stations and estimating range based at present conditions. 

Driver Assistance Feature 

  • This vehicle includes driver assistance technologies like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking etc.
  • The other highlight of this EV is this vehicle has parking assistance. 

Exterior Designs 

  • 2024 TATA Punch EV have distinctive exterior features like power steering, automatic climate control, anti-lock braking system, front fog lights, parking sensor etc. 
  • The overall exterior look of this EV is sporty which will attract the customers at a higher rate easily. 

Interior Designs 

  • 2024 TATA Punch EV includes interior features like durable upholstery, all-weather floor mats and additional storage options. 
  • The cabin is well-designed with everything being conveniently accessible to the driver and front passenger. 
  • Quality finish and fit are segment standard and on par with those offered through all of TATA Punch EV rivals. 

Safety features

  • In this EV the engineers of TATA are highly focused on safety like using high quality materials, airbag systems, and emergency automatic braking system. 
  • By providing all these safety measures to customers, they can enjoy their ride with full satisfaction and without any fear. 

2024 TATA Punch EV runs on electricity so it is good for the planet too. The car looks quite unique with all its modern-day features. The TATA Punch EV is a revolutionary electric vehicle that seamlessly blends cutting edge with stylish design. 

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