Hero Surge S32 – Specification, Convertible Design and details!

Hero Surge S32

India is moving on to another innovative way of commuting with technological advancement. Recently, Hero MotoCorp’s startup Surge showcased Hero Surge S32, its new EV innovation to the world at “Hero World 2024” in Jaipur which can be a game changer for self-employed individuals.

Hero Surge S32

 The model is based on AMCEP as in Advanced Modular Smart Electric Platform. As mentioned earlier, it is a convertible vehicle that can transition into a 2W scooter from a 3W vehicle easily. It’s tailored for transporting cargo, or passengers, making it ideal for delivery persons, entrepreneurs, or families.

After its introduction to the world, it has created a lot of buzz as it is a first-of-its-kind convertible electric vehicle in India. That’s right! It’s a two-way delight, it can be an electric 2W scooter or 3W e-rickshaw as per your need in just three minutes.

The S32 model aims to provide its users a two-in-one vehicle that can elevate their earning potential. Hero startup Surge claimed it as a “class-shifting vehicle.” They also claim that the conversion can be done easily at any terrain in approximately 180 seconds. 

Thus, you can use this unique vehicle for your work during the week and convert it into a fun scooter during the weekends. 

Hero Surge S32 Specifications 

Besides its convertible feature, it has lots of other features that catch our eye. Let’s explore them:

  • Appearance: At first, it looks like a 3W rickshaw or a cargo-carrying vehicle to anyone. The front cabin is for passengers equipped with a windscreen, headlights, and other essentials. It doesn’t have doors but according to the company, there is a possibility that they will introduce removable or zipped soft doors for weather protection.
  • Variant: Hero Surge has designed 3 commercial and 1 transport vehicle. It transitions into a rickshaw or auto, cargo vehicle that can be fully packed or half-packed.
  • Coolest Switching: With one click, the front windshield part lifts, and ta-da you have the 2W scooter in front of your eyes. The 3W model has a spring-loaded double-stand mechanism for the extraction of the scooter. The scooter has its own functions such as a speedometer, headlights, switchgear, turn indicators, etc.
  • Electric Power: As it is a two-in-one vehicle, the power and battery distribution are also separated. The 3W -vehicle has 10kW power and an 11kWh battery whereas the scooter consists of a bit smaller power i.e. 3kW and 3.5 kWh battery.
  • Speed: The 3W vehicle can cover 50 km in an hour with a load capacity of around 500 kg and the 2W scooter can take you 60 km in an hour.
  • Advanced feature: The S32 model comes with additional features including a digital instrument, reverse camera, and LED lighting making it a full-package kind of vehicle.

Hero Surge S32

Key benefits of the Hero Surge S32 convertible design:

  • Eco-friendly: Both the vehicle models are powered by electric motors making it a favorable environment-friendly choice. Plus its two-in-one function can come in handy to reduce the number of vehicles on the road leading to a reduction in traffic problems and emissions.
  • Multi-purpose vehicle: Though it is a two-in-one vehicle model it can be utilized for many purposes in carrying cargo, ferrying passengers, 2W scooter for personal time.
  • Efficient: This innovative approach can improve efficiency of the self-employed individuals with its in-second convertible features. It can increase their opportunity to earn and improve their overall lifestyle.

When can you see Hero Surge S32 in the market?

 The Hero Surge S32 is still a concept vehicle, which is expected to be launched later this year in India. And about the pricing, there hasn’t been an official statement about the pricing by the CEO Pawan Munjal. 

However, there has been speculation that it is expected to be competitive with electric scooters and rickshaws in the market.

Overall, it’s a no-brainer that Hero Moto Corp’s S32, a convertible model one of its kind in India, can be a revolutionary change in the motor industry especially for independent professionals. 

As Harsh Goenka has quoted it can be a revolutionary vehicle that showcases the innovative minds of our Indian engineers.

With its USP i.e. convertible feature, electric power, and appealing look it would be interesting to see how the Indian consumers will take it.

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