Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter – Key Features and Future Scope!

Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter

Hero Moto Corp. is taking the transportation industry to a technological future with its innovation. Recently, at Hero World 2024, Hero has showcased many new products and vehicles to the world, which has created a lot of buzz lately. The products include Surge 32, Mavrick 440, and many other cool ideas. 

Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter

Today, we are going to talk about the Vida Sway, which was introduced at Hero World 2024 as a 3W but 2W electric scooter, and no, it is not convertible. Wondering what it’s like? Then let’s explore another revolutionary product that can change the concept of electric scooters in India.

Hero Vida Sway is the same as Vida V1 in design; it has a similar front fascia, a 7-inch TFT touch display, LED lights, etc. So what makes it different from Vida V1? It has two wheels at the front and many features that make it different from the Vida V1 Pro. 

Version ICE power version
Vehicle type 3W vehicle
Concept Design  Based on Vida V1,
Launch date Not revealed yet

Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter Key Features 

Hero Moto Corp. has not revealed the technical details yet, so let’s explore the details we have in hand: 

Two wheels: The electric scooter has two wheels at the front that have independent suspension to enhance its stability and gain more control, so a person with even less strength can ride this electric scooter and be independent enough to go anywhere and do his work. It also provides stability when turning corners for the riders.

Disc Brakes: Another mind-blowing thing about the front two wheels is the disc brakes, which improve the stopping power and ensure the impact is less and safer for the rider. 

Cargo Carrier: The Hero Sway vehicle has extra space dedicated to the cargo carrier. The rider can use it to transport goods and stuff. 

Extra space at the back: The extra space at the back of the vehicle can also be used as rear storage to use it efficiently. Sway comes with tailored seating options according to your needs.

Range: This electric scooter can take you about 110 km when it’s fully charged. Well, enough for your everyday trips and drives.

Batteries and electric power: Vida Sway has two removable batteries. The rider can select its riding modes, such as eco, ride, and sport, making it quite an interesting model. The model even provides 100+ combinations that you can customize as per your needs.

The exact details of the batteries have not been revealed yet. If we see the Vida V1 scooter, its electric motor generates 6 kW of power and a maximum torque of 25 Nm. 

When can we expect the Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter to be on the market?

Hero has not unveiled its launching date yet, but here’s some exciting news that will benefit your pocket. Due to its low-cost manufacturing process, the pricing of this 3W electric scooter would not be that expensive. 

Another striking piece of news is that if e-vehicles don’t excite you, Hero might launch the same design in a much cheaper option. 

Future Scope of Hero Vida Sway Electric Scooter

The 3W concept that Hero has come up with, it’s clear, has been designed with a futuristic approach that will come in handy in the long run in the coming future. In India, this is the first of its type that follows the reverse concept, so it’s a little skeptical to say its future in the Indian market.

Nevertheless, the concept of a 3W electric scooter with greater stability and grip around the turning corners can be a great change. With this model, Hero has again shown the innovation and creative minds of Indian engineers. 

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