CYBORG Electric Bob-e Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Low price Super Bike

CYBORG Electric Bob-e Motorcycle

Another CYBORG electric bike has presented after the first one was launched in India by Ignitron Motocorp, a newly established company, the first was CYBORG Yoda, and the newly launched is CYBORG Bob-e, it is electric dirt bike which can a give a ride of 110 Kilometres after a full charge. In order to know more about CYBORG Electric Bob-e Motorcycle, Battery, Speed, Price & Features keep reading this article till the end.

CYBORG Electric Bob-e Motorcycle

CYBORG Bob-e is the newly launched electric bike under the affordable price, the new two-wheeler EV is available at Rs. 94,999 (ex-showroom). Ignitron Motocorp, an Indian EV-company trying to make it more and more possible to come two-wheeler EVs on Indian roads by giving such good offers.

As I mentioned above the Bob-e is the second two-wheeler EV under the brand name of CYBORG, it is claimed by the launching company that the electric bike is a mimic of the conventional dirt bike. It has a 2.88 kWH Lithium-ion battery, which can run at a speed of 85 kilometres / Hour for a ride of 110 Kilometres.

The two-wheeler EV has features like Geolocation / Geo fencing, battery status, USB charging, Bluetooth, Keyless ignition or remote control and Digital cluster. It even has three riding modes, you can ride it in Eco, Normal or Sport mode. The good thing about it’s battery unit is that it is weatherproof and touch safe as well as portable, it is claimed by the companies that it can be fully charged within 4 to 5 hours with a 15 amp fast home charger.

CYBORG Bob-e Specs

Vehicle CYBORG Bob-e
Vehicle Type Two-wheeler Electric Vehicle
Brand Name CYBORG
Model Type Dirt Bike
Manufacturer Ignitron Motocorp
Price Rs. 94,999 (ex-showroom)
Speed 85 Kilometres / Hours
Ride after Full Charge 110 Kilometres
Riding Modes Eco, Normal & Sport
Full charging Time 4 – 5 Hours

The EV manufacturer i.e. Ignitron Motocorp also claims that the Cyborg Bob-e electric motorcycle comes with Artificial Intelligence-enabled technology and improved safety features. Ignitron Motocorp’s founder has said that the CYBORG BOB-e will be a complete package for the brand’s customers who are looking for a compact and comfortable riding experience with the latest technology.

CYBORG BOB-e is designed for the young generation consumer and it is going to be available in two colours red and black. The bike has an Instrument cluster which shows detailed and wide range information, the EV even has reverse mode and cruise control which helps to automatically control the EV’s speed.

CYBORG Electric Bob-e Motorcycle

CYBORG BOB-e Specification

Specification in terms of Performance, Battery, Charging, Display & Touch screen, Dimensions, Brakes and Warranty are as follows.


Motor Power (Peak) 8.5 KW
Top Speed 85 Kilomètres / Hour
Motor Type BLDC HUB Motor


Nominal Voltage 72
Battery Fixed / Removable Removable


0% – 80% 3 Hours
0% – 100% (Full) 4 Hours – 5 Hours

Display & Touch Screen

Screen Type LED
Water & Dust Resistance IP 65


Length 1800 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 970 mm
Wheelbase 124 mm
Ground Clearance 260 mm


Regenerative Braking Yes
Disc Brake Only Front


Motor 3 Years
Battery 5 Years
Vehicle 5 Years

CYBORG Bob-e Features

CYBORG Bob-e features are bulleted, read them and know more about the newly launched two-wheeler EV.

  1. The electric bike comes with disc brakes on both front with the rear CBS wheels.
  2. The electric bike has a Bluetooth enabled LED instrument console, a USB Charger, LED headlights and rides on black-out wheels.
  3. The electric bike has a low-set handlebar and only a single piece of seat which makes it look more cozy.
  4. The regenerative braking of a bike will help to boost overall range by converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy.
  5. Compared to the old one CYBORG Yoda, the battery is a little low, where the Yoda had 3.24 kWh and the Bob-e has only 2.88 kWh which is good. Even on this battery, it can give a ride of 110 kilometres after a full charge.
  6. While you put it on charge it will be charged to at least 80% within 3 hours, for the full charge it will take about 4 to 5 hours.
  7. The two-wheeler EV’s wheelbase is 1240 mm and the ground clearance is 260 mm.
  8. The dimensions in terms of length, width and height are 1800 mm × 780 mm × 820 mm.

Note: The company is planning to establish charging stations with spacing of at least 1 Kilometres with the local vendors, and they have even been working to build a nationwide network of sales and service.

We hope that after reading this article you have gotten the detailed information regarding the newly launched two wheeler Electric Vehicle CYBORG Bob-e, even after reading this article if you have any questions or queries regarding the Ignitron Motocorp’s CYBORG Bob-e then feel free to ask it by commenting below. We will try to answer all your questions and queries as soon as possible.

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