Super 73 Cx1 Price, Top Speed, Specs, Weight

SUper73 cx1

Super 73 electric bike, the popular electric mobility company among YouTubers and celebrities, has unveiled its first electric motorcycle, though it is still just an idea for the time being. Align. With 15-inch wheels and a seat height of 31 inches, the Super73 C1X Concept has a slimmer profile than most motorcycles. With a top speed of 75 mph, the 51-inch wheelbase is significantly shorter than other electric motorcycles, such as Harley-Livewire Davidson’s (58.7 inches) and Zero’s SR/F (57.1 inches). That still makes the Super 73 electric bike one of the quickest vehicles to emerge from the Southern California ingenious shop.

Super 73 Electric Bike

SUPER73’s highly anticipated debut took place in Los Angeles on 15th march 2022. Several new Super 73 electric bike models had been mocked, and a lightweight electric motorcycle had been hinted at. Fortunately for anyone who appreciates their e-bikes with one or two extra sides, SUPER73 delivers.

The SUPER73 C1X electric motorcycle concept debuted alongside a new entry-level Zseries e-bike, an updated RSeries bike, and a new kids e-bike. Anyone who is familiar with the SUPER73 knows that the brand differentiates between “superpowered e-bikes” and “e-motorcycles that can be parked on the rack.”

Super 73 Electric Bike Specs

Brand Super73
Model C1X
Speed 75 m/h
Power 2 kW (2.7 hp)
Weight 28 kg
Battery 21700 Lithium
Battery Life 3,000 cycles
Range 100 km
Charge Time 1 hours

Look no further than SUPER73’s 2000W, 30+ mph RSeries e-bikes, which are the brand’s first full-suspension models. But the new SUPER73 C1X cranks up the power, even more, tossing out the pedals and other e-bike nonsense.

SUper73 cx1

Super 73-C1X Electric Bike unveiled

Super73 is most well-known in the e bike space, which exists somewhere between traditional pedal bikes and full-fledged bikes. Super73 debuted its new C1X electric bike concept on March 15, 2022, marking the Southern California e-bike specialist’s first test on a real motorcycle.

The C1X is a low-powered naked electric motorcycle rather than a high-powered electric bike motorcycle. The disclaimer from SUPER73 emphasizes that this is not your typical e-bike: “License, registration, and insurance required.” On stage, CEO LeGrand Crewse described it as “the natural evolution of a SUPER73.”

super73 CX1 ebike

Super 73 Electric Bike Dimensions and Motor

It has a 51-inch wheelbase, making it quite compact. In comparison, the wheelbase of a 2022 Yamaha R1 is 55.3 inches. A 2022 Honda Grom has a wheelbase of 47.2 inches, which is at the opposite end of the motorcycle spectrum. As a result, the C1X is almost in the middle. Super73 also claims that the C1X is extremely light, but no accurate weight data is available.

The seat is 31 inches high. The wheels are 15 inches in diameter, which is smaller than most modern motorcycle wheels but larger than most modern scooter wheels. The unspecified electric motor is located aft of the swingarm pivot point, reducing chain slack, according to Super73. That’s right, unlike most electric motorcycles, this one has a chain drive rather than a belt drive. As expected, there is no clutch or gearbox, but there is a chain drive.

The C1X is powered by a chain, so don’t expect it to be a quiet electric motorcycle. Unlike most e motors with belt drives, chain-driven electric motorcycles produce more chainsaw noise than engine hum.

SUper 73 Cx1

Super 73 Electric Bike C1X Range and Battery

Other key specifications include an estimated range of 100 miles on a single charge and claims of a quick 80 percent charge time in just one hour. The size of the SUPERC1X’s battery is unknown, but the company claims it has a maximum city range of 100 miles (160 km).

Because the Super73 C1X is still a concept, we must reiterate that we do not have any details to back up those claims at this time. Companies can say whatever they want, but the proof will be in the driving experience.

The C1X concept has a “targeted top speed of more than 75 mph.” This means that riders will need a motorcycle endorsement on their license to ride one, but the benefits appear to be obvious. Because this is a concept, Super73 has not released specific details on the powertrain or battery situation other than to give us an idea of where it is positioned in the photos. Charging should be relatively quick, as the company claims an 80 percent charge in under an hour.

Super 73 Electric Bike Price

The C1X’s price is added to the lack of information communicated. SUPER73 has not released a final price for the brand’s first legal motorcycle, but they are accepting reservations with a $73 deposit. Production will begin “at the end of 2023.”

If everything goes as planned, the Super 73 electric bike C1X will be available in late 2023. The company is now accepting reservations for it, for some reason – you guessed it – for just $73. redeemable, they’ll get a pilot online and provide feedback as the Super73 nears full production on the C1X.

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