Triton EV Model H Launch, Specs, Price, 8 Seater SUV

Triton EV Design

US electric vehicle maker Triton EV, which recently announced plans to open a factory in India, unveiled its Triton EV Model H SUV in Hyderabad, Telangana. This will be the automaker’s first car to be launched in India.

Triton EV Model H SUV

  • Triton EV presented the Triton EV Model H SUV at the Westin Hotel, Hitech City, Hyderabad in the front of a selected audience.
  • Triton EV unveiled the Model H 8-seater electric SUV in Hyderabad. The automaker sets up a factory in Telangana to produce electric cars, SUVs and pickups for the South Asian market.
  • The Triton Model H is the very first car in the company’s portfolio to be launched in India. It is available in seven colors and the one that was presented at the event was metallic blue.

At first glance, the Triton EV Model H SUV is massive and unmistakably brings the essence of an American SUV with a wide, massive front and large grille.It is 5,690 mm in length, 2,057 mm in height, and 1,880 mm in width. The wheelbase fits with the significant length of the SUV measuring around 3,302 mm.

Triton EV Model H SUV Can Accommodate 8 Adults

The most an electric vehicle has to offer in terms of space all over India. The company also claims that it has enough space inside to hold luggage up to 5,663 liters (200 cubic feet). It also has a declared towing capacity of around 7 tons.

Triton Electric Vehicle also promises high performance from the Model H SUV.It is powered by a 200-kWh battery which has the ability to hyper-charge. Triton EV claims that the electric SUV can be completely charged via a hyper-charger in just 2 hours.

When fully charged, the Model H SUV can travel approximately 1,200 km without the need to connect. If the claimed range is true, this would be the first electric car all over India to exceed 1000 km of range with an electric charge, and it would certainly be one of the longest-range electric vehicles in the world.

Triton EV Model H

Triton EV Specifications

Range Up To 700 Miles
Acceleration   0 To 60 In 2.9 Sec
Total Power   HyperCharge In 2 Hr.
Towing Capacity 15,400 lbs.
Battery Capacity   200 kWh
Luggage Capacity 200 Cu. Ft.
Wheel Base 130 Inches
Exterior Measurements 224″ (L) X 81″ (W) X 74″ (H)
Curb Weight 5,300 Lbs
Warranty 10 Years Or 150,000 Miles, Whichever Comes First (Starts from The Delivery)

Himanshu B Patel, Founder, and CEO of Triton EV said: “As we have stated previously, India remains a very important market and business center for Triton EV.

We present a fully electric “Make in India” vehicle from Zahirabad, Telangana factory. This manufacturing facility is the world’s largest Triton EV after the United States.

We are delighted with the Model H launch and the first-hand feedback from the automotive experts has been very encouraging, who got to see and feel the Model H here. “

Triton EV

Jayesh Ranjan, Chief Secretary, Industries and Commerce, Government of Telangana, said: “We are very happy to attend the first Triton EV Model H SUV here in the capital of Telangana.

We are delighted to be a part of India’s great electric vehicle achievement. This electric vehicle is all the more special to us as it will be manufactured by the state of Telangana.

We want the Triton EV crew awesome fulfillment in advance and we would really like to say that we’re dedicated to making sure all of the assist from the State Government’s facet in making Triton EV’s production an awesome fulfillment for the entire world.”

Ranjan additionally added, “It isn’t always simply incentives which have attracted Triton to put money into Telangana State.

However, the predominant driving force for Triton Management to make investments into Telangana kingdom is the general enterprise atmosphere and kingdom’s dedication closer to ease of doing enterprise and speedy time-certain processes.”

KT Rama Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Industries, Informatics and Commerce, Government of Telangana, said:

“We are delighted to hear about the experience and vision of Triton EV for the electric vehicle market.

Thank you for deciding on Telangana State, I need to say that this country may be the satisfactory region for Triton EV’s manufacturing.

We have an agile consciousness closer to startups and we paintings on revolutionary ideology.”

The Triton Model H SUV will be offered in seven colors. The SUV that was unveiled at the event was Metallic Blue. The next Triton EV plant is under construction on an area of ​​one million square feet in the Zahirabad area with an investment of $ 1.5 billion over the next 5 years.

The agency stated it’ll have 300-million-dollar funding flowing in within the following couple of months.

It additionally stated that the carmaker has already acquired buy orders really well worth 2.4 billion bucks from India.

Triton EV will use this facility to produce automobiles like Triton EV Model H SUV not only for India, but also for overseas markets such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the entire Middle East region.

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