First Prana Electric Sports Bike, Specification


The start-up company took the first step to bring electric bikes to the market, including SVM (Srivaru) motors from Coimbatore, and it’s Prana electric sports bike may be a turning point. Srivaru Motors (SVM), an electric vehicle startup based in Coimbatore, has launched Prana, a high-speed sports electric bike in India. Electric bikes are available in three versions: Class, Grand, and Elite. The latter two versions are already on the market.

Prana Electric Sports Bike

SVM is the brainchild of Mohanraj Ramasami, who has previously participated in many projects around the world including Tesla. The new Prana sports electric bike is mainly aimed at the commuting field, and will directly target the Kridn electric bike and the next UV F77.

Key Specs of Prana Electric Sports Bike

Prana bike Charging time  4-6 Hours
Prana bike top speed  123 km/h
Prana bike Range  126/223Km

Prana Electric Sports Bike Specifications

  • Cruising range (Grand / Elite): 126/225 km

  • Top speed: 123 km / h

  • Acceleration: in 4 seconds 0 to 60

  • Motor power: 4 kW

  • Drive type: in-wheel motor

  • Torque: 35 Nm

  • Battery specifications: Fixed Lithium-ion (LFP) Battery 72v


Dimensions Prana Bike

• Empty Weight: 165 kg • Carrying capacity: 180 kg • Seat height: 1115 mm • Wheelbase: 1413 mm • Ground clearance: 145 mm

Prana Bike Mileage Information

  • If you are riding in Practise, Reverse (speed 45 km/h), you will get  225 km mileage

  • When using the “Driving”/”Sports” mode, you will get a mileage of up to 125 kilometers.

The Last Lap for Prana Electric Sports Bike

With Prana, you will get a sports electric bike with the look and feel of an exercise bike. Prana showrooms will soon be opened in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode.

Interested buyers can book SVM Prana electric sports bikes through the company’s official website and Regular Booking ₹1,999.00, Premium Booking ₹9,999.00.

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