Thundertruck Electric Truck 2022 Convertible 4 to 6 WD, Features


The Thundertruck company recently unveiled its Thundertruck Electric Truck, a truck that can go from 4 to 6 wheels and completely rips through the shape book when it comes to a vehicle’s appearance. The EV revolution is in complete swing and the versions of various electric-powered motors have become wilder and wilder. The electric revolution is in full swing as car manufacturers around the world try to introduce more and more electric vehicles. With this new form of propulsion, it is possible to completely reinvent the look of a car.

Thundertruck Electric Truck

The truck itself is actually from Wolfgans’ IP division, and it looks like that of Tesla and their ridiculous Cybetruck. The truck has some similarities to the Cybertruck, with its generally square styling and incredibly angular design, creating that truly aggressive monster look.

A roof rack above is a good indicator of this vehicle’s off-road intentions, as evidenced by the fact that it sits on sizable off-road wheels and has enormous ground clearance. The Thundertruck is a bit firmer than the Cybertruck and adds a bit more bulk to the electric truck concept.

Thundertruck Electric Truck Highlights

Thundertruck is not your grandfather’s truck. In fact, it’s nobody’s truck yet. But its innovative design will soon offer drivers and passengers a whole new level of versatility and functionality.

  • HD roof rack/roof rack system provides space for awnings.
  • Large loading floor with steps for easy access.
  • Extendable loading ramps make it easy to load 2- or 4-wheel bikes.
  • Auto shift side with light.
  • Integrated camping tent extends to the main deck, lifted from the trunk lid
  • Folding bat roof awning with a flexible solar blanket for fixed battery charging and auxiliary sun visor.
  • Side sliding multipurpose storage cabinet with pull-out stove or refrigerator.
  • Range extender Unit Range, power and performance

Thundertruck Design

Thundertruck Electric Truck Innovative Features

The truck has some interesting features and one of them is its ability to have additional wheels. The Thundertruck is supposed to be easily tweaked into a six-wheel-drive monster, which the company claims can deliver unprecedented performance and power.

Its most unusual feature is the batwing solar awnings, which allow the truck to be recharged in sunny places when it is stationary. These also provide plenty of shade if you are camping, fishing, or barbecuing. That’s all before getting into some statistics behind this truck.

Thundertruck Interior

Thundertruck Electric Truck Specifications

Thundertruck 4×4 6×6
Range 400 Miles 560 Miles
Battery Capacity 180 KWH 300 KWH (180+120)
Weight 6120 LBS 7560 LBS
Height 80 Inch 80 Inch
Length 207 Inch 246 Inch
Width 87 Inch 87 Inch
Bed 6 Ft 10 Ft
Front Trunk Yes Yes
Onboard Power Yes Yes
Horsepower 800 Hp 940 Hp
Torque 800 Lb-Ft 1200 Lb-Ft
Max Towing Capacity 7500 Lbs 11000 Lbs
Drivetrain Dual Motor Dual Motor
0-60 Time 3.5 Sec We Will Update Soon
Ground Clearance 14.5 In 14.5 In
Approach Angle 48º 48º
Departure Angle 82º 82º

Thundertruck 6x6

Why 4×4 When You Have 6×6?

Sure, it’s out there, however that’s the entire point. Our latest TT Range Extender without difficulty converts the Thundertruck right into a 6WD monster that quietly supplies extraordinary electricity and performance.

  • Combined driving range of about 560mi. (900km+)
  • Additional 2wd traction is there.
  • The unit makes use of self-balancing technology for a smooth coupling/uncoupling process.
  • Increased payload, towing, and storage capacity.
  • Serves as a transportable battery percent for all your tenting and work needs.

Thundertruck Solar Panel

Suitable For Long Distance Travels

For those who like to take long trips, this truck has a lot of range to offer. It is assumed that the Thundertruck will offer around 560 miles of range in 6×6 format, or about 900 km +, and that could increase thanks to its range extender and the 0-60 will be in an impressive 3.5 seconds, in 4×4.

Not awful for the reason that this truck will probably become pretty a bit. Not bad since this truck was probably not bad. In the standard 4×4 version, it will offer a range of around 400 miles.

In terms of horsepower in this form, it will have a staggering 800hp and it’ll go all the way up to 940hp if you get the 6×6 wheel layout. It’s an incredible level of power.

The Thundertruck Electric Truck also gets the automatic operation of the folding side step with lighting, an integrated camping tent that extends over the main deck, raised from the FV trunk lid, folding canopy mounted on the bat roof with flexible solar fabric providing fixed and auxiliary battery charge lampshade, versatile sliding side dresser with kitchen or sliding refrigerator, etc.

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