Electric Car Charging to Doorstep on Demand of Consumer

Electric Car Charging to Doorstep

Owning an electric car is a lifestyle change, from refueling a car in five minutes to 60 minutes of charging an electric car and finding nearby charging stations. Hopcharge has developed an electric car charging-to-doorstep solution to alleviate many of the concerns of electric vehicle owners in densely populated urban areas.

Electric Car Charging to Doorstep

The company will allow electric vehicle owners to request charging service right at their doorstep, whether at home, in the office, in a movie theater, or anywhere else. The company guarantees that it takes an average of 36 minutes to fully charge an electric vehicle, depending on the type of vehicle.

“We have created special equipment with powerful chargers and batteries, like those used in fast-charging stations. Then, special equipment is installed inside the CNG truck to increase mobility and provide flexible loading on demand. anywhere, “he added.  

Services booking Process:

  • The user can charge the battery through the Android / iOS app, and the Hopcharge ePod (original device) with a compatible charger reaches the EV at the specified time when the user’s EV is idle, which saves time.
  • The company views Hopcharge as an addition to its existing fixed infrastructure, not a replacement.
  • The charge for the charging service will vary depending on the gas charge and the charge for the slow-charging electric vehicle.
  • “Our goal is to reduce the cost of a kilometer of gas by 50-60%, but 20-30% more than a small fee,” said Arjun Singh, founder of Hopcharge.

In addition, speaking of the need for such chargers, Singh said that living in densely populated cities requires a significant electrical load to serve a specific geographic area bounded by transformers, local voltage stations, substations, main stations, etc.

Installing more electric vehicle chargers in these societies would mean an increase in the electrical load on society’s transformers and create a need for costly infrastructure upgrades. All this makes access to electricity more and more inconvenient, expensive, and unreliable.

Hopcharge technology solves this problem by introducing modular, portable, connected, and distributed energy storage systems within the city.

“If you live in a vertical high-rise apartment, purchasing an in-house charger for your car can be very difficult. Society is built around a fixed load transformer. Now imagine that everyone in apartment 700 is asking for a charger in their parking lot. This will change society’s need for load and force it to upgrade the transformer. Hopcharge removes the need for this, ”added Singh.


Ez4EV to release on-call cellular charging stations for EV:

Charger and battery company Ez4EV will soon offer its mobile on-demand charging solution EzUrja (easy urja) for electric vehicles (EVs) at locations of choice by consumers. Like mobile ATMs, EzUrja can be placed anywhere to charge electric vehicles.

“Ez4EV Private Ltd intends to roll out its innovative EzUrja (easy urja) mobile charging solution for electric vehicles in the next three months to reduce the concern of electric vehicle owners about the range and instantly increase the lack of infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points in the country. Satinder Singh, CEO of Ez4EV, told PTI by phone.

These mobile charging stations follow the innovative EV Charge-on-Demand approach and are managed as an Internet of Things (IoT) device to remotely track status and activity. Ez4EV plans to deploy more EzUrja electric vehicles in cities and on highways across the country, more as a product for small towns, creating a good connection for electric vehicles.

“A prerequisite for the development of electric vehicles is the availability of charging points. In our country, where customer satisfaction is about home delivery, we complement the same, ”Singh said.

India’s first ‘Charge On Demand’ offering to make travel easier for the electric vehicle owner. The mobility of combustion engines requires an efficient charging infrastructure.

Ez4EV plans to tackle the problem of inadequate infrastructure by deploying a network of self-driving EzUrja charging stations. The company, therefore, aims to become a key player in the innovative charging infrastructure market by providing ‘Infra-as-a-Service’ to India’s electric vehicle sector.

Aditya Puri, COO of Ez4EV, also said, “Localizing EzUrja technology and manufacturing was a challenge in the early stages of development, but we are happy with our suppliers. They are taking creative steps to ensure sustainable growth that meets global standards for India and India world markets “.

Ez4EV is introducing innovative battery technology from C4V / iM3 New York to begin localizing Battery Energy Storage systems based on their US success story. Lighter, environmentally friendly chemistry and longer cycle times make the C4V battery the most ideal battery for Pure India operation.

Ez4EV is creating a data-driven company at the forefront of the Indian energy battery market by combining the team’s existing capabilities in lithium-ion batteries and digital payments, our goal is to provide customers with complete simplicity of energy storage solutions.

The goal of global expansion:

With the aim of creating a global product, the Hopcharge charging solution has been made compatible with all global charging protocols. The Indian company also has a strategic presence in Japan and is a member of the global fast-charging technology organization CHAdeMO.

“As more and more OEMs like Tesla enter India, we strongly believe that providing EV users with charging and convenience options will lead to exponential adoption of EVs, helping the Indian government’s ambitious vision of energy independence and its goals,” Singh said, he would electrify 30% of cars by 2030.

Hopcharge has developed an electric car charging to doorstep solutions to alleviate many of the concerns of electric vehicle owners in densely populated urban areas.

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This post was originally published on September 29, 2022.